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  • Discuss three reasons the United States has a high crime rate. 1. Parents 2. Drugs 3. Violence

    This is not a bad essay, but it is not really got any evidence to support anything the author is saying. As a sociology student I know there is no prove that bad or single parenting actually contributes massively to crime rates, neither does television. The media and the government would like us to thing these things do, but in realilty they dont. I am not aware of the authur's age but thet are thinking from either personal experinces of what they have witnessed or what thet read in the paper. What you have to remember is to look outside 'the box' and ask yourselves what are 'they' not telling us. Crime rate or 'stats' are the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to crime rates and 2 out of the 3 things listed in this essay are not the main reasons. there are many reasons for crime and rising crime rate and drugs is definatley one of them, not the other two.
    • 16/10/2003
    • 12:54:34
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  • The Causes of World War I

    I like this essay, its very factual and has all the details correct and in the right order, i have also written about World War 1 and this is a very good essay on this subject
    • 16/10/2003
    • 12:43:14
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