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  • Response Paper

    This essay was written for an Anthropologyclass and our Professer wanted our response to a film that we view during class. This was not a formal academic paper, rather it was intended to be an informal paper. The people in the film were uneducated, I tell the truth in what I witnessed and wrote. I received an A on this effort by the way.
    • 15/11/2003
    • 01:37:59
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  • Lack of Credibility

    There are some real dopes (users)in here who don't submit any essays for the most part, just ratings like, wisdom, george_bush,cheathouse_employee, who give my paper a bad rating with no explanation. It really ticks me off, I try to do honest work and give honest ratings, and these idiots act like totally a-holes, its a bummer. I dont mind constructive criticism, but to leave a bad rating with no reason show these users have no credibility, and no skills or disire to put some work so we can see how well they can write. Get a life!
    • 17/03/2003
    • 00:26:36
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  • Botticelli

    Botticelli was popular during the early renaissance, however his lyrical style of painting went out of favor in his later life. Botticelli which means 'little barrel' was the name given to his older brother which the painter took as his own. A religious reformer named Savonorola had a great influence on Botticelli, who came to regret his earlier pagan works such as 'The Birth of Venus.' So Botticelli quit painting, dying a poor and broken man, a virtually unknown at the time of his death. His works today are appreciated by art aficionados who realized what a master Botticelli really was.
    • 04/03/2003
    • 23:47:49
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  • Jackson

    Jackson was from the South, an avowed racist, who believed the Constitution only applied to white men. He wanted all the Indians out of the eastern United States without compensation for their property. The Cherokee Nation was powerful in Grorgia, in fact many whites married with Cherokee people because of the status of the tribe. This did not sit well with Jackson, looking for any reason to get rid of the Indians. When gold was discovered on Cherokee land outsiders and Jackson wanted all the gold for the whites. With Jackson's approval, the Indians were driven out of Georgia in the dead of winter, resulting in many deaths. This incident became known as the Trail of Tears, with the loss of over 40% of the tribe. How democratic was Jackson when he ordered the removal of Native Americans from land they inhabited for thousands of years? His Indian removal 'program was inhuman and sadistic, why couldn't he wait until summertime to have the Indians moved?
    • 26/02/2003
    • 20:49:25
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  • Focus

    It seems in your description of this essay your are referring to the use of nudes in general in art. Then in your essay you seem to be writing about a specific work. I really enjoyed reading this peice; however the focus of your thesis needs to be more clearly defined. Your command of the english language is strong, overall great writing.
    • 24/02/2003
    • 00:51:40
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  • Rebuttal

    I don't know what grade level your in shakespere, but if you read the first paragraph carefully, I state what my thesis is. In the first two lines it states: The separation of earth and sky are dealt with differently in the Egyptian and Greek mythology stories. This separation must occur to allow the development of the offspring of the earth and sky deities; the influence on these two myth stories is clearly seen on how the ancient cultures perceived their respective social values." The introduction is clear and states what my essay will cover.Your spelling and grammar are lacking; your name is spelled differently from the original, which is spelled Shakespeare. Good luck on your future work, hibanks24.
    • 23/02/2003
    • 21:55:36
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  • Review

    You gave away the whole story, this is not what a reviewer does. You wreck the movie for someone who has not seen it. In a review you can tell what the movie's plot and theme are, tell some of the elements you did or did not enjoy, describe a scene or two, and if you recommend the movie to others. I am sure that if you are looking forward to seeing a movie and someone begins to tell you what it is about you would tell them to stop before they give the story away. Think about you audience when you do your next review. Good luck.
    • 21/02/2003
    • 00:57:50
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  • Cannabis

    I believe cannabis should be decriminalized and the same laws that apply to alcohol should apply to cannabis. You cannot drive under the infuence of the drug, a minor should not be able to buy or use the drug. It could be tax to provide income to the state and local government. There are just too many people behind bars that should not be there for a few 'joints' because the area they live in has stringent drug laws. The cost to house these criminals is staggering; this money could be put to better use. For example teaching children the dangers and effects of drug abuse. The marijuana laws need to be reformed, I think the present laws do more harm than good.
    • 20/02/2003
    • 00:46:25
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  • Socialism

    Germany and France are both socialist countries. There is no way I would want to live there; they are among the most heavily taxed counties in the world. The work ethic is lower in these counties and dropping. Why would I want to run a company there when it is just about impossible to fire an incompetent employee because the government says he is entitled to a job, plus give this person eight weeks paid vacation because it is mandated by an overbearing government? The unemployment rates in these countries are also higher, why would I want to go out and earn a living when my fellow country men will pay my way? The taxes will keep rising and the people will continue to receive their benefits, but how long will this system last before there is a backlash? There is growing resentment among those who bear the heaviest burden; it will be interesting to see what will happen in the future.
    • 17/02/2003
    • 23:14:53
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  • Crime

    The fact that criminals can get guns does not mean that they have the right to posess them. They are not allowed to own guns so they get guns by theft. That is why they are called criminals, they are breaking the law by their own free will. My point is not null and void, read the essay and you will see I covered this point! The law abiding citizen has the right to own guns to protect his family and home.
    • 16/02/2003
    • 22:58:29
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  • Proofread

    This was an intresting piece but had alot of grammatical errors that took the focus away from this work. Take the time to proofread your work, it shows the reader you care about what you are writing and does not distract the reader from the points you are trying to get across. Good luck on your next effort.
    • 14/02/2003
    • 23:24:51
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  • Vouchers

    The idea of vouchers scare the present public school system. They like it the way it is with no accountability and a stong teachers union. People with money can pull their child out of public school and place them in private schools without the use of vouchers. It is the middle and lower wage earners who are traped in poor performing school with no way out. Where I live the amount of money spent on one student per year is close to 6000 dollars. There are private schools who spend 3500 dollars per student and these pupils score higher on the standard tests taken. Public schools are a bottomless pit always begging for more money with bad results. I say offer vouchers to the parents who want to opt out of the public school system. Make the public schools responsible and accountable for the way students are taught and the money is spent. The threat of competition can only help improve this terrible situation; make the vouchers available to those who want them.
    • 14/02/2003
    • 01:06:06
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  • War

    I really enjoyed this piece. I am tired of all the bleeding hearts saying we should give Saddam another chance. Because of the embargo placed on Iraq they say hundereds of thousands of children have perished and it is the U.S. fault. Saddam chooses to spend the money he recieves from oil sales on more palaces and weapons research instead of helping his own people. Their blood is on his hands, the wealth in that country should be spread around, not in the control of a despot.
    • 13/02/2003
    • 00:51:05
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  • List of Statements

    Seem like a list of statements and quotes, not an essay or response paper. I don't understand this form or the point you are trying to make with this piece. Some clarification of this matter would help. Good luck on your next effort.
    • 11/02/2003
    • 01:20:36
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  • Ending

    This essay raised some valid arguements. I thought that the conclusion was weak. The work could have been expanded more, to bring more ideas into the essay, to make it a more complete piece. However it is a nice start to what could be a more promising piece of writing.
    • 09/02/2003
    • 21:46:53
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  • Best Effort

    Much of what is stated in this essay is true. You get out of school what you put into it. Although a few teachers can be real jerks, most of them want students to do well. Just treat them with respect and they are willing to work with students who want to learn; they will help you get the best grade possible. Just remember that it is a two way street, keep up your end by doing homework, participate in class, be respectful of others point of veiw even if you don't agree with it. Also be on time and leave you cell-phone off; these distractions effect the whole group and show a lack of respect.
    • 04/02/2003
    • 00:04:29
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  • Racial equality

    Great case presented in exposing the irony of prejudice shown on all sides in this play. Most Jews in Europe at this time were not allowed to work regular jobs such as teachers, craftsmen, and shopkeepers, bucause of their religion. One of the jobs they were allowed to perform was that of lending money, charging intrest to make a living. That the Jews did well and prospered, they were dispised even more. But the society of the day left them few options to make a 'honest' living.
    • 22/01/2003
    • 19:50:27
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  • Shakespeare

    My professor gave me a B+ on this paper believe it or not. Everyone is entitled to their opinion Panzer, I don't lie about my grades and yes THIS IS A 2ND COLLEGATE PAPER. Plus I think I quoted the right amount, thank you. Constructive criticism is okay, but get off your highhorse with your highbrow attitude.
    • 08/01/2003
    • 00:27:10
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  • Funny

    A funny spoof news story, had me laughing. I would of like to have been at Fred Segal's store to see the action. :)
    • 07/01/2003
    • 00:07:41
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  • Global Warming

    Well written and researched, debunking the common notion that the earth is heating up. The factions of people who believe in global warming remind me of 'chicken little' running around telling everyone "the sky is falling, the sky is falling." The debate on this issue is really one-sided, more research is required before jumping to conclusions. Good work I really enjoyed this piece.
    • 06/01/2003
    • 22:41:24
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  • Great Sphinx

    The head of the Great Sphinx is out of proportion to his body. Egyptologists believe that the original head was of a greater size and that it was either damaged and a smaller head replaced it. Or simply recarved by a later Pharaoh to honor himself. Good essay with alot of information.
    • 06/01/2003
    • 22:00:27
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  • Unequal Schools

    I agree with much of what this essay has to say. However the majority of poor inner-city schools that many Blacks attend need better academic programs. This essay says take care of that problem so all students who wish to attend college have an equal chance. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed so many promising Black students can continue their education. Until this problem is remedied the only chance for some of these students to go college is with the aid of Affirmative Action.
    • 03/01/2003
    • 23:11:26
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  • The Sleeping Giant

    The death of the old hardliners leaders has led to economic and social change in parts of China. The current one party system does not allow for much desent, yet most of the young business people do not care about the party as long as it does not interfer with their livelihood. However as this essay states most of the economic development is only being enjoyed by a minority of the Chinese people. In order for China to truly prosper, all levels of of Chinese society must take part in the in the economic development. Leaving out the havenots will only result in resentment and possible unrest in the countryside.
    • 31/12/2002
    • 18:57:12
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  • Good Form

    This piece follows in chronological order how Agrippina seeks to influence her son Nero in the administration of the Roman Empire. Agrippina loses her control as she tries to interfere in Nero's personal life. It is after this that Nero then decides to assassinate his mother. Well described attempts on the life of Agrippina follow. It is ironic that she is finally murdered when she esapes assassination but is blamed for the deaths of those who died in the attempt on her life.
    • 31/12/2002
    • 01:51:50
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  • Atwood's Handmaid

    This essay describes how history may repeat itself less we be wary. That the totalitarian societies of the Puritans and Nazis have a connection was a thought I had not contemplated before. That the Puritans came to America not for religious freedom but to set up a Theocracy is interesting. The society that the handmaids live come about because the previous society simply was dying from too much freedom is ironic indeed. In the new society the handmaid is free from rape when it is not a "union" prescribed by god, but she can be forced to have sex with a man she cares nothing about, is that not rape? This essay raises important issues that we should be concerned with. The control of women is prevalent in many totalitarian societies today. How many women today have to cover their faces because men say it is the right thing to do?
    • 31/12/2002
    • 01:41:19
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  • Smoking

    Strong opinions, alot to think about. Does the freedom to smoke include the effect it has on others? What about small children who can't esape a environment that is full of smoke?
    • 31/12/2002
    • 01:20:15
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  • Good Job

    This essay give a brief but fine discription of what a black hole is, what makes a black hole, and the nature of aforementioned object. This essay is well layed out; a good introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • 24/12/2002
    • 22:27:53
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  • Beowulf

    This essay has the theme of good - Beowulf, vs. evil - Grendal, throughout the peice. The connection to a Bibical theme is also presented well. The essay is well thought out, presenting a thesis and providing good evidence for it.
    • 17/12/2002
    • 01:07:39
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  • Crack cocaine

    Very well written, well explained aspects of why crack cocaine is prefered over powder cocaine by dealer and users alike. Also describes the way the drug is made and used. Highly recommend this essay.
    • 17/12/2002
    • 00:45:26
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