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  • 8/10

    I felt the arguments were well-articulated, and you covered all the majors issues. Further, you seems to have a clear argument, as well as decent sources. I suggest using more sources, and perhaps annotated them in the future.
    • 19/05/2008
    • 15:43:41
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  • 8/10

    For a college undergraduate paper, I felt this essay did lack somewhat; however, for the most part it follows proper structure and has a firm and strong stance on the issue. I would highly suggest making the title more specific and clear, as well as interesting and original.
    • 19/05/2008
    • 15:41:51
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  • 9.5/10

    I thought this was a wonderful essay. It followed proper structure, and all arguments were backed up with proper quotes and statistics from creditable sources. Further, you accurately sourced all information.
    • 19/05/2008
    • 15:33:33
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  • 3 / 10

    Although this was a decent attempt at an essay, this isn't one. First, it doesn't follow proper essay structure; second, the three arguments (even if you followed proper essay structure) are far too short; third, this does not meet college standards; fourth, as many people have stated: "wikipedia is not a reliable source."
    • 18/05/2008
    • 22:36:21
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