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  • Synthesis of Aspirin

    The author has cited that the reaction was an esterification reaction but failed to integrate the concept of Fischer-Speier esterification, tautomerism and most especially, the mechanism for the formation of aspirin. Furthermore, there was no discussion provided to analyze the obtained results and observations (if there are any) gained in the experimental process. The author was also not able to provide a good procedure for differentiating the reactants iand the products to determine whether the crude aspirin produced is of high purity. I also observed some flaws on the experimental design for it lacked a test for the characterization of crude and pure aspirin.
    • 19/08/2008
    • 09:50:57
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  • Pythagorus

    This essay should be proof-read to correct various grammatical errors that the author has committed. The author should have been careful on the choice of words, subject-verb agreement, tenses of verbs, among others because the readers might get an impression that this work was done just for the sake of compliance. The author should have also been careful on misspelled word and/or such as "Pythagorus". this could be very misleading since it would render an incorrect information to the readers. In addition, the line "We will always miss our dear Pythagorus." doesn't make any sense at all. I don't understand the point of making a human appeal to provoke remorse.
    • 19/08/2008
    • 09:34:54
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  • Scuba diving

    The essay dealt mainly on the history and how scuba diving was developed when in the first place, the purpose of the writer is to discuss the physics concept involved in such sport. The history part could have been trimmed to keep the interest of the readers on the topic cited. Though pressure and bouyancy was discussed thoroughly, the essay could be improved by explaining the concept behing the "bends" which divers usually experience after having a sudden ascend. But nonetheless, I give this essay two thumbs up.
    • 19/08/2008
    • 09:24:03
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