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  • Great job!

    Good job on this essay! I like how you expressed the topic with your points. You emphasize what is needed to be known and your style made this essay quite interesting. Although there was one thing which I didn't understand. I feel that the explanation of the song and why you put it there is still a little bit unclear. Was hoping you would have more information on it! But overall, Great JOB!!!!
    • 18/12/2002
    • 13:06:39
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    I really like the point that you are trying to make to society. I agree with you that people should stop smoking. It's a bad thing to smoke and it kills yourself slowly as well, but the worst part of smoking is that you can harm others around you. Whether they may be Family, Friends, or even just normal citizens who try to live a normal life, but can't because they have lung cancer. (Excuse my run on sentence) Well anywayz, good job! And I think we should all try to spread the word about smoking.
    • 17/12/2002
    • 12:39:18
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  • Not bad but...

    I like ur choice of wording and etc...(especially the intro) but the problem is I quite disagree to your thought about flag burning. Although it is fine to have free speech. It is unreasonable to go to such extents to prove your points. People can still express their own thoughts without being physical. Plus there is a reason why they don't allow burning of flags. It is dangerous and it can harm people.
    • 15/12/2002
    • 21:16:00
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  • This is sort of a rough

    This essay is not that great. It's more of a practice. GO EZ!!!!
    • 15/12/2002
    • 16:06:20
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