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  • Thomas Jefferson said it best...

    I am going to quote Thomas Jefferson as my comment, as he said it best, "Men by their constitutions are naturally divided into two parties: (1) Those who fear and distrust the people, and wish to draw all powers from them into the hands of the higher classes. (2) Those who identify themselves with the people, have confidence in them, cherish and consider them as the most honest and safe, although not the most wise depository of public interests. In every country these two parties exist; and in every one where they are free to think, speak, and write, they will declare themselves. "When you wrote "it is the criminal who does not have the right to bear arms." You say they do not have the right to bear guns, but that statement is null and void because criminals will be able to obtain guns/weapons as long as capitalism is alive. How you do you think foreign countries get their weapons? FROM US.
    • 25/12/2002
    • 05:25:54
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  • More Research was needed

    Modems do NOT compress data, they convert it. Modems although, Mux and Demux signals.They take a higher bit rate signal and convert it to a lesser rate signal so it may broadcast over a long distance. What about fiberoptics (info sent thru light bent through glass), you didnt mention it. You also didnt even mention how modems interface with routers, and switches. I would be curious to see your bibliography, as some of the more "tech" info you wrote about seems to be out of your field, and there is no citations, so I am worried of some the info not being properly cited.You should have researched more.And this is just from my knowledge, but i am certified in this field.A modem, is an electrical power converter. For example your 56k modem performs: First, It takes a digital (computer) signal. i.e (binary ((machine)) code 01000010010010) and converts it to an analog signal that your phone lines can handle and vice versa.static display:[computer]-digital-[modem]-analog-[phone line system]-analog-[modem]-digital-[computer]One Major Fact Error:"Modems transfer and receive data in full-duplex"-Correction- There ARE half-duplex modems.
    • 25/12/2002
    • 05:07:07
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  • Real life vs Cyber reality

    There is nothing quite like experiencing something in real life rather than seeing a it on your computer screen or a photograph.The world has alot of wonders to be viewed, but if in person, you will benefit from the experience 10 fold.Masterpuppet clearly explained this type of life experience and the rewarding experience of viewing someone's expressions and ideas through art.
    • 22/12/2002
    • 17:54:45
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  • Good Work!

    Its nice to see some ORIGINAL work, the last past 10 essay's i've read have been plagarized works....You quoted alittle TOO MUCH, this paper needs to be longer, and contain more of your thoughts and ideas about what Shakespeare was trying to create with this piece.THIS IS NOT A 2nd YEAR COLLEGATE PAPER. Think about the content of this paper before you "place" it into a particular level. Just because you're a Sophmore if college dosent mean this is a "college" paper. An 89% I think not.
    • 21/12/2002
    • 12:35:51
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    1st Paragraph obviously taken from: you scroll around that site, this User took 90% of this essay the entire section of "Beloved"
    • 20/12/2002
    • 18:17:28
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    3rd Paragraph you took almost verbatim from Paragraph you took verbatim from: even put in fake citations....haha..I could probably find the rest of these paragraphs online also, but i dont feel like it.KISS THIS ESSAY RIP GOODBYE, SCUMBAG!
    • 20/12/2002
    • 18:00:25
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  • Smokers, Improper Use of Articles

    What you just did is a form of Plagarising, you have to properly CITE articles. You took the articles and included them into your paper, like they were your own ( or so i looks to someone who would pick this paper up to read it, if it didnt have your biblioagraphy )You did what most people do, fall into the trap of using too much "filler" for your essay, to beef if up, while the very end of the essay is left for your thoughts. I really dont see how you recieved a 91% on this with this HUGE citing error, and use of filler.also..."Cigarettes are legal, yet I don't see everyone smoking them."I see TOO MANY people smoking cigarettes, the big companies get them while they are young.
    • 20/12/2002
    • 01:45:37
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  • Huh?

    Since when did want Poems?[CheatHouse Admin]: We accept poems, study notes, book reports, essays, term papers and thesis.
    • 20/12/2002
    • 01:36:33
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  • Facts need to get updated

    When was this written because the last FBI HCR report was written in 1999. Also, You forgot to include that INTIMIDATION was the HIGHEST type of hate crime. I would have also included that Anti-White came in at a healthy second, not too far behind anti Black.AND DONT FORGET BLACK ON BLACK CRIMES!about 49 percent of U.S. murder victims are black, over 95 percent of them killed by other blacks.
    • 20/12/2002
    • 01:31:15
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  • Its Simple

    The reason we are here is to simply exist. I dont believe in an organized religion, but i am content. I exist.
    • 20/12/2002
    • 00:59:07
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  • Tips

    When reviewing a book or movie, its a rule of thumb not to quote too many lines from the book/movie in the review. It appears to many as "filler".
    • 19/12/2002
    • 16:53:47
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  • Very well done

    This is a good review, I've actually seen this BBC classic on video, it was pretty amusing. I suggest you watch it.
    • 19/12/2002
    • 15:54:21
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  • Wisdom needs to check his comment

    I really think the first paragraph is solid, and my professor thought this also....
    • 19/12/2002
    • 14:50:35
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  • Not enough Info

    You failed to talk about a large portion of the book. It seems you "thumbed" through the book, and your middle paragraph focused on a small part of the book.--Improvements needed to your essay--You should have written about Mr. Sands having a sexual relation with her, and she bore children from him.Also how her friend "Mrs. Bruce" bought her from slavery and emancipated view a brief summary of the this bookcheck out the url:
    • 19/12/2002
    • 14:22:19
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  • Great Short Paper

    Masterpuppet did a great job summarizing Plato's thoughts from "The Republic", which is a hard piece of work to try to summarize in such a small paper.
    • 19/12/2002
    • 13:47:34
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  • Awsome Paper

    This Synopsis of the business practices of Home Depot is one of the best I've read in awhile.This user covered and described the entire standard operating platform used by Home Depot, while clearly explaining the areas of interest.Great paper..:Paul:.
    • 18/12/2002
    • 13:36:48
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  • What's this?

    ** consider this constructive criticism**Where is your introduction??You're talking about Harriet Jacobs? WHY? whats the reason you're writing this paper? It was not clearly defined why.The grammar in this document is not of a college level, rather mid high school. You used too many commas, where periods would have sufficed. You should change it's grade level accordingly.
    • 18/12/2002
    • 04:59:31
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  • Good Argument

    This is a prime example of what a good pro/con paper. You effectively took a pro stance, and also put up the con point of view and defended the pro.Decent expansion of the topic as well.I would have peer graded your paper for atleast the 80% - 84% range.
    • 18/12/2002
    • 01:48:25
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  • My Eyes Hurt

    ***constructive criticism***Whoa! You could have included acouple indents here and there. You jumped around WAY WAY too much, you should have grouped the info properly, rather than having it some huge clusterfu@& of ideas or statements.Im sorry but this paper has no proper introduction, body, or conclusion. There is not alot of development of the topic. For instance what is the "12 Laborers" you did not explain it.MAJOR RULE FOR WRITING A PAPER::You should always write a paper in the mindset that someone could pick it up and be able to know what you're talking about without having to be a expert in that field of knowledge. ( Unless you're writing for medical publications...and this ain't a BioMed Essay!!! heheh)
    • 18/12/2002
    • 00:01:30
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  • Not Enough Support

    **please view this as constructive criticism**Decent 12th grade paper, but you failed to post pro-uniform material to rebutt against, now your paper just looks more like a juvinile complaint rather than an essay. A good Con paper will include alot of Pro material to show that the Con material triumphs.You fell into a literary trap of asking alot of questions without answers, i.e (quoting)"how will the concealment of contraband be eliminated?" And you did not give a answer to the problem. These sort of "poking holes questions" will weaken any paper in the eyes of a professor/teacher.You also failed to back up alot of your claims with documented fact, i.e (cost of uniforms). Also, as an underage student you really dont have alot of rights to begin with, read some gov't books to understand more.Usually school uniforms are enforced at private institutions, where the student's parents pay a hefty sum of money to have their children either 1) Have a better chance being accepted into a good college, or 2) Take them away from a bad public school environment.My 2 cents:I went to public schools all my life, and I would have killed to go to a private institution. I remember when my friend was beat up by 3 kids once to so they could steal his new jordan shoes in 6th grade(circa 1990).School Uniforms would have helped out there.Self Expression is fine, but at school it dosent really matter, because all youre there to do is learn, not show off who is richer or poorer, or who has a better fashion sense.Ive seen alot of decent modern school uniforms these days, and to quote your last sentence "Do you truly desire to see a generation of robots lead your country?" I hardly think that school uniforms would create mindless robots, now what you should have written your paper on if you want to call kids "future robots" would be the biased text they are being taught, for instance how Columbus was a mass murder and cheat, but we give him a holiday, or how the apollo moon landing was a hoax.
    • 17/12/2002
    • 23:43:31
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  • Very well done

    You put this together very nicely. Good expansion on info used, and personal insight was in tune with topic.
    • 17/12/2002
    • 22:16:50
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