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  • Good quality

    i think your essay is very clear to understand and speaks from diferent veiws points and both are well thought through which is needed in this type of essay. well done.
    • 08/01/2003
    • 15:12:29
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  • Anotha thank u!

    your essay i found very interesting, even though itz very basic but yet itz to the point! very useful, well done though.
    • 04/01/2003
    • 11:45:11
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  • Thank u!

    i would just like to say thank u for writting this essay, lol, it has helped me sooooo much as i have to compare manet's olympia with anotha piece quite similar and reading your essay has made it more clearer for me, betta than all tha otha research i did on it! And well done as well!
    • 04/01/2003
    • 11:32:41
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  • Wow!

    bloody hell! that is serios stuff, didn't know all that b4! im guessing u do science! good job u had that glossery at the end otherwise i would be lost to what u were on about (words). But anyway, i think it was a good essay, very informative! i was just wondering, are paracetamols ok? stupid question i know, but, u never know-right!
    • 03/01/2003
    • 13:09:08
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