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  • Why not interested in Buddhism...Try to find the reason of living???

    If you do the same thingU will get the same result!!!EmptinessHopelessnessSuffocationDesperationMetal gold is in between...???BelieveSmileGet ready to die at anytime...The reason why is not coming to usThe reason why is in the simplest thing...What do we do isWhat do we driven...tnx for letting me know I was not alone!!!
    • 16/06/2009
    • 10:43:10
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  • Reference

    Well, dear X, the main mistakes is that you have used really wrong resource..well, not wrong, but a bit not strong, proven literatures has been used here...Need to study more in Slack.Nigel, Hines.Peter, James Cooper, Martin Christopher, and Womack Jones...These are main authors, who always talk about building competitive advantage through SC!!!And also, u must read a book "Machine that Changed World" by Womack Jones et al.,and consider about Value Stream Benchmarking, Idol State Value Stream Mapping....No worries, no one;s perfect...GdLuck!!!
    • 31/05/2009
    • 13:05:14
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  • Need to work on Introduction and conclusion part

    nice, easy to follow, with good ideas...2 things to advice:-1- Just needs a conclusion with more intense, generally put all new ideas and important things, and an Introduction with overall content explained.For instance: Introduction could be as it is essay, combination of executive summary and originality of your essay!!e.g: The paper first have explained about culture, and its influence in organization. Because, it is fundamental of understanding Hofstede. Followed by explanation about....etc.,-2- Oh yeah, learn citation and referencing, correctly!!! I know annoying, but we cant get better mark without it!!the rest, I would say, really nice and excellent..Goodluck!!!
    • 26/05/2009
    • 17:00:47
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