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  • Firearm Ownership

    The fact that nearly all crimes that involve guns and criminals are illegal. The percentage of illegal crimes using guns that are registered and legal, owned by law abiding citizens are very low. Remove the right to legally own a gun and you propagate a black market for illegal weapons that flourishes and that is where nearly all the violent crime stems from. The politicians that support gun control, regulation and bans, only do so from lack of knowledge and understanding and should read history on how poorly it has worked in other countries, increasing the problem and leaving law abiding citizens defenseless. Al-Quaida would support gun control and surely make large political donations.
    • 14/04/2009
    • 14:29:52
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  • GE foods and ethics

    This is a well written and thought provoking paper. It provides many avenues of thought that are commonly ignored or overlooked in a capitalistic quest for advancing causes, that most likely are not presented in a fashion to help the public understand. The underlying motive for most of this GE is revenue and not improvement of the world. The arguments in favor of GE are compelling, but shortsighted in the evolutionary time continuum. Use of the word arrogance is very applicable to the whole science of GE and I am a Science major. Well done and researched, presenting both sides.
    • 14/04/2009
    • 14:12:08
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  • Riordan

    This is a nicely done Riordan paper. I wish I had been able to review it before completing my own research on this company and it's information control problems. This provides me with a different perspective on the company issues. The data on IT for correcting incompatible information systems is great. I am not an IT expert, but feel I know much more after reading this. Great job !
    • 02/04/2009
    • 13:35:53
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  • Audits

    I really enjoyed this quick and concise overview of internal audit prosecures and standards. It is not in my field of study, but has been very helpful in my research to develop internal controls on a case study I am writing on inadequate auditing practice. The standards for reporting and bodies they are standardized to have been instrumental in a running start for my own paper. Thanks and Kudos to the accounting folks !!
    • 02/04/2009
    • 12:49:29
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  • The Future of Business Ethics

    Good grasp of business ethics and acceptable standards in today's changing and evolving corporate compliance world. Enjoyable description of how corruption is crested through desperate incentive for getting ahead and why people toss good sense and morals aside to get ahead
    • 14/03/2009
    • 12:57:13
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  • The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth; How Essays Actually Impact Students

    The cold harsh reality of why American students get passed by in favor of foreign applicants is the exact reason stated here. We are content and expectant in writing short essays and performing work just well enough to get by and receive a B grade. That will get us to the promised family job if we manage to pass. If by chance we show the motivation and desire for excellent studious habits and pride in surpassing the average student, then we would be of equal drive and desire to achieve better and show appreciation for what we can easily have. Pride in what is ours through true and dedicated work that we can be proud of needs not to blamed on where we apply from but from our inner desire for achievement of outstanding caliber. This kind of teaching and instruction benefits any whom partake.
    • 08/03/2009
    • 03:31:53
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  • Riordan Corporate Compliance Plan

    Utilization of COSO framework for ERM at Riordan is a solid need to be addressed for company success.Very nice description of risk management and corporate governance to mitigate risks.Applicable to many corporations.Well written descriptive definition of risk management governance and the accepted guidelines suggested by COSO that should be used and implemented more these days.
    • 08/03/2009
    • 03:15:50
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