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  • Muy Bien!

    This is a very good essay!!!! I actually know nothing of E*Trade in China, but I can say that I know a little now. I thought at first that the essay was going to be boring, but you proved me wrong.
    • 03/03/2003
    • 09:05:35
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  • "Why has abortion become such a political issue?"

    If the government outlawed abortion and named the crime "murder" and a woman bearing a child had the nerve to abort this child, disregarding the law, then she should be able, also, to deal with the punishment of the death penalty. Also, how often is the death penalty even assigned to criminals today? Not as often as life in prison (with or without paroll). The man in the relationship should have part of the choice, too (if I was a person who agreed with abortion), because the fetus was partly made by him and therefore it is half his child. What if the man got to choose instead of the woman to get rid of her child. This wouldn't be fair. So, why is it fair that a woman has the choice to get rid of the man's child? My whole basic point is that people should deal with the obstacles and consequences in their life with responsibility and not throw away our future because they will be uncomfortable for a while with their consequence.
    • 13/01/2003
    • 09:24:29
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