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  • Okay, but brief

    This essay is good for a quick summary of Bell's life, but could really use quite a bit more description. Try expanding more on Bell's ideas and how they have helped us develop modern tools today. Also expand on how different Bell's teaching methods were.
    • 10/04/2003
    • 00:36:33
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  • Very Good

    I enjoyed how the flow of this essay (between quotations and literary comments). I also enjoyed the introduction and concluding paragraphs, and how you bring the conclusion up a level by commenting on the challenges of land and their differences. This really helps to emphasize your character contrast.
    • 10/04/2003
    • 00:32:25
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  • Nice Essay

    This essay lets the audience know exactly what they should go see Platoon for. I believe that you have done an excellent job in describing the movie itself and following up with some information on how the film did in the box office.
    • 10/04/2003
    • 00:29:56
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  • Pretty Good

    This is a good essay and contains many technical specs on the Civic such as safetey features and reliablity, but I found that this essay could use some quotation reworking and some better word choice. Overall, good job.
    • 10/04/2003
    • 00:27:43
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Easy to read description

    Great essay. I really enjoyed reading this esaay and getting a good feel for networks in today's society and different types of networking. This paper makes it easy to quickly understand why we need networks in today's world.Good work!
    • 09/04/2003
    • 23:20:38
    • Score: 15 out of 15 people found this comment useful.