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  • Failed to address

    Although Asian educational system train students to achieve higher test score, it does not prepare students for real life as much as American educational systems. I think your essay isn't very comprehensive.
    • 28/04/2003
    • 11:45:49
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  • This counts as an essay?

    uh... I mean, cool lab man, but this paper is not across the border to essayville. And since we're not in your class, we don't really know what you're talking about w/o any background info. Sorry dude, but to me, this ain't an essay.
    • 05/03/2003
    • 02:42:07
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  • Makes a good college essay

    This essay makes a good college app essay. Kind of touching, but you could touch it up with a little more detail and explanation.If this is really a college app essay, make sure you write more and deeply about how the things you did impacted you. You're community service hours should already be on you application. No need to mention them again, it would be redundant.
    • 04/03/2003
    • 20:07:01
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  • I agree w/ Jumbo Moos

    ALthough this essay is very comprehensive, it doesn't state WHY the Civil War is the greatest war in American History, simply what happened. However, this essay provides a great number of facts for those seeking fact/summary of the Civil War. Again, this essay is one of those that shows a lot of research and effort, but doesn't stick to the theme.
    • 25/01/2003
    • 19:42:49
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  • I like this essay

    I decided that I like this essay just from reading the introduction. It inspires interest and curiousity in the reader because it displays a truthful aspect of our renowned president Lincoln. Transitions are good, every sentence and paragraph constructed perfectly into an essay. No doubt this essay deserves an A.
    • 25/01/2003
    • 19:34:15
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  • Lincoln Vs. Davis

    Good essay on the comparing and constrasting Lincoln and Jefferson Davis. However, the transitions can be improves. The introduction reads awkwardly. This essay can be definitely be strengthened by introducing the Civil War earlier in the passage. This essay shows a lot of researched facts, original ideas, but not very well tied together.
    • 25/01/2003
    • 19:29:20
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  • Nice reference

    This paper bends toward an encyclopedia reference rather than an essay. Good source for those of you who seek facts about Lincoln. It's also very concise, covering Lincoln's early life till his unfortunate death.
    • 25/01/2003
    • 19:24:16
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  • Convincing essay

    A convincing essay, shows some thoughts. But I think some details can be elaborated more, analyze more. An introduction could help provide some context. Overall, I think this essay presents a original opinion.
    • 21/01/2003
    • 17:48:21
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  • Very insightful essay

    A lot of research and work obviously went into this essay. It insightfully covers the Chinese government and economy between post- World War II and today. The citing throughout this essay is very professional. This is prehaps the best essay I have read of this site.
    • 21/01/2003
    • 17:12:48
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