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  • Great!

    I have a 2 year old son and i dont never let him watch barney before because i thought the show sucked. You changed my mind and Ill let him watch it from now on and i'll let you know if he becomes smarter.
    • 15/05/2003
    • 01:10:55
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  • I love the sarcasm..

    I loved your essay... However TV is being used as the New age Baby sitters and Obesity is an effect of too much tv. I think tv is good if you watch it in moderation. You are giving the impression that watching Tv all day is healthy.It was very enjoyable to read and you give great validation and proof.
    • 15/05/2003
    • 01:06:59
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  • Great JOb

    This is a good way to describe a show about nothing. I liked your proof and comparisons to different shows
    • 15/05/2003
    • 00:58:43
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