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  • Partially agree

    It's so obviously that Buddhism is one of three famous religions in the world. I don't know why you say it's not. Buddhist doesn't worship one God, but they worship a lot of Gods in the heaven. This is a point that it is quite different with Christianity. Buddhists are not only focus on earthly life but also pursue to become a buddha after they die.I agree with your argument about Confucian,not all the young people know the ancient Chinese philosophy.You also have caught the essence of the Confucian, Making peace even though enduring much suffers in the life. This thought is really valuable for the stability of society. Definitly, Confucian is a philosophy system.Your words and structure in the essay is good, so, for your writing, I will mark you good.
    • 01/04/2003
    • 23:14:51
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  • Good essay

    You used an example to demonstrate how terrible of Bulimia would be in your beginning portion, then you analyze thoroughly about the reasons of girls suffering Bulimia,Anorexia and Water Diet. I agree with your arguments that pleasing others and comparing with others are main reasons for teanagers to put themselves in the risk. This is a good essay!
    • 25/03/2003
    • 15:40:18
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  • Some suggestion

    Using geothemal is a good idea to solve the energy problems, especially it is a renewable resource. You provide valuable information to help people calm down in the energy crisis. Obviously, the reason why government doesn't set it in priority is because of the economic competition. The market pursues low expense and fossil oil or petroleum is cheaper than geothemal right now. By the way, I don't think you need any commons about the energy suppliers and seperate them as enemies or friends in the essay. This belong to another topic and it would ruin your thsis in the essay.
    • 06/03/2003
    • 20:30:25
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  • Not very good

    There are poor structure sentences and lots of words don't make sense in the essay. Your supports almost cover all the American history, but no good idea. I don't know what you want to tell reader in the paragraph about "realway". It's quite confusing. Please revise again.
    • 06/03/2003
    • 02:13:54
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  • Sounds good

    I can only say you write a good essay in structres and words, but in real society, your view doesn't work.Some of your support sounds not so believable. For instance, how do you know the clones will behave actually same as other human being? You know, the first clone in the world happened in 1997 about a ship.After only 5 years,how can you ensure it work well in human? if not, what's the result? Obviously, there are still a long way in this area and all the job must be done with a high responsible attitude.I give you an average because it's so easy to rebut your point of view.
    • 28/02/2003
    • 15:26:49
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  • Good story

    This is a very beautiful romantic story! It quite touches heart of people.Thanks, very good work!
    • 18/02/2003
    • 16:27:53
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  • Some suggestion

    You handled well the first part of the essay ,but in the second part, you repeated some points which you have mentioned in your first part and it reduced the quality of the essay. In the end of the essay, it seems you want to emphasis the importance of cash, this made reader a little bit confusion your thsis.I realized you made a half way good job in this essay.
    • 18/02/2003
    • 15:05:23
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  • A good essay

    You used only more than 400 words ,but express your point of view so clearly. This is a very excellent essay.I think you also see the most important points for realizing the American Dream is doing well in small topics gradually and facing the reality truly and bravely. I agree with you completely.You made a very good biginning and conclusion potions in the essay. Thanks your good work.
    • 17/02/2003
    • 15:56:08
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  • Poor

    What kind of essay this is. No clever ideas at all! Why the "devote organs" appear in this talk? Please write good cleaver essay next time.
    • 13/02/2003
    • 02:57:57
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  • Partial correct

    You can only accept "it is", but never leave it as it is, otherwise, at lease in fifty percent, you are destroying your life. Why you say people can not live for their family? What kind of person you are!
    • 13/02/2003
    • 02:23:47
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  • Very well done

    This is a very good essay. The author analyzed two poems, two ideas, one author thoroughly and made very nice beginning and conclusion portion. The question whether there is afterlife is also very concerned by a lot of people and so many people still hesitate it. Very good work,I will mark it well done, thanks.
    • 06/02/2003
    • 17:24:17
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  • Really scary

    I felt scary after read your article. I hope I don't have nightmare tonight. Believe it, all this is really true.
    • 04/02/2003
    • 04:05:35
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  • I agree with you

    A good essay and I also think few people can addict with the Lottery.I just want to know how the government use the money made by the Lottery.
    • 04/02/2003
    • 02:48:41
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  • Good knowledge

    The essay gives us the philosophy about how to believe something.The explaination of Descartes' view is not very clear. What's the "Outside Force" indicating? Why you use God here? You want to tell us God's words are believable here?
    • 03/02/2003
    • 15:42:32
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  • Well done

    I take a lesson from your essay. thanks. You use Bible context made your essay be more persuasible. Very well done.
    • 31/01/2003
    • 19:24:27
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  • Opinion paper on returning to the moon

    Go to moon is an interesting job and I hope I can have a travel to there.You made a good essay and help reader to think about it. The support is strong enough for the thesis and good use words.I will mark you well done.
    • 30/01/2003
    • 18:18:43
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