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  • Also

    Also, I think I may refer my pastor to this essay.. it may get him thinking. And the rock music isn't secular it is Christian. Teens understand Christ through reading the bible.. not the music :)I still stand with my first comment.
    • 16/02/2003
    • 21:15:33
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  • Wow

    I am a Christian Teenager and I think that this was great. Most people wouldn't put that much effort into something like this. Thank you for taking the time to write it :)
    • 16/02/2003
    • 10:06:42
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  • Nice

    It is very informative and I enjoyed reading it (I am Christian and own a NIV bible) but I think it was too long. Next time you should try and condense it :)
    • 15/02/2003
    • 17:08:33
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  • Agree!

    I totally agree with you! I am 15, although I don't drink I do understand.. I think this is a GREAT idea... Also I live in MASS not NY.
    • 10/02/2003
    • 20:49:06
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  • GREAT!

    I am just starting to take a marketing class in school (high school) and this is great for my essay.. thank you soo much!
    • 04/02/2003
    • 19:45:02
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  • WOW

    I use a lot of different software and your essay explained a lot on what I use. Thanks and I like how you keep everything simple and to the point!
    • 04/02/2003
    • 16:11:13
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  • Not true

    I myself am a teenager and have first hand experiences.. teenagers don't use alcohol and drugs when they are depressed.. its a known fact they do it at parties to have "fun" which leads to teen pregnancy when they use bad judgement and have pre-marital relations.
    • 31/01/2003
    • 23:18:14
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  • So True

    I am currently a sophomore in high school and see this kind of advertising everyday. I think that you have done some indepth study on Advertising which is awesome.
    • 31/01/2003
    • 12:11:47
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  • Thanks!

    That helped me learn a little bit on Ebola Virus although it did not give me the information for my school essay. But thank you!
    • 31/01/2003
    • 12:08:17
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