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  • ok

    i believe gtangsk is correct in his analysis of this essay. it is one thing to bring a problem to light, its another to bring a solution. as gtangsk says, what do you beliee should be done about the problem? this is a small paper for a very difficult political issue. for teachers to recieve for money or for classes to be smaller so that teachers can adaqualty deal with issues to prepare students for collage, funding must be taken away from other things. that could lead to further issues of lack of funding to those places where money was taken to please the teachers. i believe that the essay should have been longer and gotten deeper into the issue.
    • 22/03/2002
    • 09:11:40
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  • need to be aware...

    its important to be aware that an issue such as drugs is a lot more difficult to understand than what we are told. the drug busienss is a multi-billion dollar a year business. if drugs were legalized, people such as drug dealers would be put out of busienss. because of this, the biggest anti-legilization of drugs are not your religious groups or politicans trying to get votes, its your drug dealers. im not refering to your everyday dealer on the streets either, i mean your drug overlords in foreign countries. take al capone for example, if he werent in jail, do you think he would have wanted prohabition to go away? no way! he was making millions of dollars during a time when people were making a few dollars a month. if this essay had focused on the larger picture of drugs, or other illegal multi-billion dollar a year businesses, it would have reflected a view that people either dont realize or are afraid to mention.
    • 22/03/2002
    • 09:04:59
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  • interesting

    this essay is well written. i think that it is important for people to realize that some of the most vicious murderes are not those we would expect. some of them dress like your everday working class people. the way the the media and movies tell the people what criminals look like , how they behave, speak ect.. reflect on the police and who they arrest. because of the number of people that are being arrested in a certain racial profile beliefs or neighbourhoods they live in, more police presence is found in that neighbourhood or racial profiling of those people. for an essay that critisizes the role of the police and who they arrest, i would recommend looking into authors such as Nils Cristie, a conflict theorist, who really locigally and realistically critizes the role of the police. if police were to begin not only looking at types of people, alot more crimanls like Ted Bundy would be found and killed (by death penalty) and our prisions wouldnt be filled with pety criminals such as drug adicts.
    • 22/03/2002
    • 08:59:19
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  • well written

    this is a well written essay. a lot was said about the influence of tv on the newer generations. a lot of people are use to reading books, but tv makes the task a bit easier. i think it is important for people to critically analyze what they watch because there is a lot of false misrepresentations of the truth out there. parents need to allow children to think for themselves and not fall victim to false propaganda.
    • 22/03/2002
    • 08:52:20
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