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    Bravo, many of the papers I have read are full of half-thought incomplete ideas. It is very refreshing to see well thoughtout ideas and proof to back them up, I have no doubt that an "A" grade was given, this paper is awesome.
    • 24/02/2004
    • 23:56:35
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  • Confederation period

    Okay, first the states did not HAVE to cede land to the federal government, they just had to give up "claims" to frontier land. The Articles of Confederation gave the Federal Government no authority to tax or enforce any legislature. It was the State Constitutions that held the power. And never once did the report mention that only 12 of 13 states ratifyed the Articles, or use the term "Firm League of Friendship", every source I have ever seen has refered to the Articles of confederation as a "Firm League of Friendship". That is, in the end, all the Articles ammounted to.
    • 24/02/2004
    • 23:46:37
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  • The Crucible

    The ideas included in this essay are correct, but the spelling and grammar could use a lot of help, it is definitely a tenth-grade-level essay. The people accused were not all lower-class or poor people, The Crucible was written to point out that throughtout history society has been blinded to similar occurences. The book was written during the cold war in the 50\'s when people were accusing their neighbor of being comunists (McCarthyism).
    • 24/02/2004
    • 23:32:08
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