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  • Interesting

    The paper is on an interesting topic, and goes into detail for each rumour / conspiracy theory. However, it seems to be cut off, missing a work cited page, and badly formatted.
    • 29/11/2003
    • 23:47:12
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  • Very informative

    This is just interesting to read. Good primer to start research on this topic.
    • 29/11/2003
    • 23:45:36
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  • Good Job

    This was very succinct. It offers multiple examples (which i think could have been more flowing). Perhaps if the 3 paragraph style was ditched for a 2 paragraph'er? hmm. But it was very good, and it offers lots of good ideas.
    • 03/04/2003
    • 13:00:47
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  • Thanks

    This is very interesting. Many students fail to learn how to properly study or properly make notes or whatever. And many end up doing poorly at school. This is quite interesting. Thanks for the post.
    • 03/04/2003
    • 12:47:59
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  • Badly written, good thoughts

    This essay needs to be completely reworded. For a grade 10 student, not THAT much can be expected. So its 'so so'. However, the ideas presented in this essay were quite thought-out. More time needs to go into developing the thoughts AND editing.
    • 03/04/2003
    • 12:44:27
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  • Refreshing

    It is refreshing to see people actually post the real marks and real grades. For grade 10, this is a well written piece. It doesn't go into TOO much depth, but provides a good overview. Again, for an 87%grade 10 student, this is quite good.
    • 03/04/2003
    • 12:43:19
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  • Interesting

    This was a very intesting report. Perhaps the original book or study should be sourced. It is impossible to fully critique this piece without that information. Other than that, it is very well written.
    • 03/04/2003
    • 12:41:51
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  • 100%?!?!

    I seriously doubt that this character overview received 100% for grade 12. A bit exagerated? None the less, this is quite useful. It has a 'coles' notes ring to it. I can't confirm whether is follows the same lines of Coles Notes or Spark Notes. But I would recommend people to use this in conjunction with coles or spark notes.
    • 03/04/2003
    • 12:40:16
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  • Its So So

    This essay is so so. For 10th grade.. and getting 95% .. thats REALLY HIGH.. At my school, this would have probably gotten a 75% if lucky.. maybe 80% if the teacher likes you. There are many typos and grammer faults. So the writting style is flawed. However, the information is okay. It's one interpretation of the pearl and symbolism. Users should try to find some more essaies (other than this one) if they are to write about THe Pearl by John Steinbeck.
    • 11/03/2003
    • 22:16:07
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