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  • Good essay

    I liked your points , although i disagree because it is in another country and i belive you should be able to do anything you want in your country unless its against the law. "Even thought the factories reside in another country, I still feel the employee rights should be applied the same as in the United States"But very good essay.
    • 09/03/2003
    • 22:22:50
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  • Misinformation

    "A worm, which is similar to a virus, copies itself repeatedly until no memory or disk space remains."Not to try and correct you but a worms SOLE purpose is to spread to as many computers as it can, not to stay on the host computer. Most worms spread by email standard windows expoilts such as netbios or thourgh p2p programs. And a trojan is not a virus, a trojan is a remote admistration program AKA backdoor; viruses have payloads and do not allow remote access they perform certain tasks.
    • 09/03/2003
    • 22:13:40
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  • Math

    good job, however i do not see how it "includes a lot of math" more or less basic math skills like adding and subtracting with one or two variables. None the less goodjob.
    • 09/03/2003
    • 22:07:52
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  • :-)

    Nice job.
    • 06/03/2003
    • 22:55:29
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