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  • YOUR opininion

    Simply what I will try to say is that it is absolutely NEVER a good idea to use "I think"... Big No No... It's much more convincing when someone is firm stating that something IS the way their opinion sees it. The reader already knows you think that... they must know that you are firm with your and ONLY your opinion and that your opinion isn't left to be changed. Using I THINK really degrades the actual influence you have on the reader.Hope this helps you in the future =).
    • 02/05/2003
    • 08:40:47
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  • Informative =)

    UP until now... I have been very confused over the situation between Taiwan and China... who is the real China... etc. This was very informative and helped me understand better the differences and also informed me well of their current situation on the possible reunification of Taiwan and China
    • 01/05/2003
    • 23:20:04
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  • Statistics

    Your use of dramatic statistics considerably improves the strength of your opinion =).
    • 01/05/2003
    • 20:56:45
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  • Transitions

    Try using transitions consistently between paragraphs. They will help your essay flow much better!
    • 28/03/2003
    • 03:34:18
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