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  • 50/50

    this essay is good until the 2nd half. first, you incorporated your opinion with facts, seemingly attempting to present your opinion as fact. Secondly, the 2nd half ogf this essay is redundant. You stated like 50 times that a serial killer cannot be rehabilitated.
    • 12/02/2004
    • 02:59:58
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  • Nice.

    Good Essay! You might want to look over a couple of spelling and grammatical errors, though. :)
    • 15/12/2003
    • 06:23:43
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  • Good intro and conclusion

    I think you did a very good job of tying your essay together with your intro and conclusion. Way to restate yolur thesis at the end.
    • 10/12/2003
    • 22:28:58
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  • You must be nuts. or just liberal...and no, I'm not a republican.

    You are crazy to say that Marajuana is not addicive. Countless studies say that it is--recent ones. Funny you didn't cite any sources for "facts" like these. Many of recent studies also show that the drug KILLS BRAIN CELLS. That is why it makes you stupid. Perhaps you have partaken in too much of this drug thus you are unable to make a legitimate scientific argument.
    • 25/11/2003
    • 02:07:25
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  • A couple tips

    good essay, Wow, I am surprised to see a third grade essay on here! I was wondering why you didn't put in your essay that alcohol is against the law for people your and my age. Did you think about that? You write pretty well for a third grader. Before you turn this in you might want to have someone proofread it for spelling and gramatical errors.
    • 23/11/2003
    • 22:40:43
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  • Thoughts

    I agree with your opinion on this book, but if I were writing this paper, I might have tried to find maybe soemthing like statistical proof about students being exposed to violence and the correlation of that to increase in crime, or something. Teachers don't usually like it if you just state your opinion, but as far as I know, that may have been the assignment. You do have some grammatical errors in this essay, but overall, I think it is pretty good!
    • 23/11/2003
    • 22:36:25
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  • Some advice...

    okay, it is clear that you read this book and pretty much undestand it, but your writing needs some work. this essay is in all past tense, ex.: "the book revolved," "Scot narrated". This book still exists! it should say "the book revolves," "Scott Narrates". This book is still in circulation. Don't treat it as if it is dead. Also, I would suggest trying to come up with somesort of introduction. I realize that this is a simple analysis, but these tips might make your writing more interesting to read!
    • 22/11/2003
    • 20:36:59
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  • Thesis

    I love your essay topic. I have neevr read an essay before mentioning the McCoys and the Hatfields. I think your essay is pretty good, but you might want to work on your thesis at the beginning. I was surprised at the body of your essay because I was expecting something else from your 1st paragraph. Your thesis should be a short explanation of what you are about to write about. It should be somewhere in the introductory paragraph.
    • 16/11/2003
    • 20:31:12
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  • Disagree

    I do not think that Creon is respectable. YEs, he is the King, there fore he should *rule respectably. If you are in authority, you have an even higher calling to rule justly but to also act knobly. Creon was only loyal to his people. He would walk over anyone to secure political social order, including Antigone. The facts that you state in this essay are very true, but the last few sentences aren't a very convincing conclusion based on the previous info. I just didn't think that your body supported your conclusion.
    • 04/10/2003
    • 16:52:39
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  • Nice

    This is a very organized and easy to read essay. You did a nice job of summarizing the themes you would discuss in the first paragraph. That is an important element in a good essay.
    • 04/10/2003
    • 16:43:09
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  • Destroy...

    this poem is playful and seems to flow well until you say:\"Away with boysthey are ickyAll they do is destroy\"the comment that they destroy seems to add connotative meaning. \"destroy\" is a harsh word for the context of this poem. It seems that you have a loaded meaning in it. Was it supposed to? Did you turn this in for an assignment?
    • 11/04/2003
    • 03:36:58
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  • Huh?

    what is the point of this essay? You don't seem to have a thesis. If your point is against discrimination, give examples of how people discriminate lesbians. If you have another point, make it more clear.
    • 11/04/2003
    • 03:31:41
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  • Not so much

    I dont think that your thesis is very clear in this essay. What you said about Christians saying that Eve was the cause of original sin is not correct. I am a Christian and I don't agree. plus, I have never heard a Christian say that, and I think you generalize "Christians" I think that you are right when you say that some christians misinterpret the Bible. I think the same goes for non-Christians, and I think that some people misunderstand what Christians mean when they explain the Bible.
    • 11/04/2003
    • 03:19:42
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  • Peace

    this essay is pretty good, considering the level upon which it will be graded. In think you sum up your thesis well in your conclusion, except you have one typo, where "hated" should be "hatred." My only suggestion is to not be so redundant in the exact words you use. You say the phrase "hatred and peace" a lot. Although "peace" is in the title, try to use synonyms of those words and I think this paper will be great.
    • 11/04/2003
    • 03:10:18
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  • Country

    you need to say what country she ruled over. say it in the beginning.
    • 02/04/2003
    • 02:38:21
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  • Normal

    This is a great essay. It has an attention catching introduction and I like how at the end you re-stated, in short, exactly what happened in each experiment. This essay would also fit under the Communications topic. In my Intro to Comm class at my university we studied norms, as well as personal space. Great job!
    • 02/04/2003
    • 02:16:25
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  • The Road

    I think you have a good understanding of the poem, however, it seems that you could have found more literary devices. Perhaps the assignment only required you to find a couple, but what about symbolism and motif used in the poem?
    • 11/03/2003
    • 02:40:09
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  • Dane

    It would be best if one used this essay, not to write "me" in it. This is not usually proper.
    • 10/03/2003
    • 02:13:06
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