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  • :)

    The idea of it was good... I enjoyed the style of it as well, but it was a little difficult to read because of the typos and change of tenses. Fairly informative, but I think more support could have been given at different parts.
    • 10/02/2004
    • 03:00:53
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  • Awesome!

    Wow, this was very well supported, and extremely convincing! Even though I didn't agree with absolutely everything, you've stated and backed up your point perfectly!!!
    • 10/02/2004
    • 02:48:05
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  • I'm sorry I can't be nicer

    A good writer, unless they are writing a persuasive essay, should be able to mask their biases well. I'm not saying I'm an expert at it, but I would have liked to see more of a contrast between the two - both types of schools have their pros and cons; I still don't know which I like better.
    • 12/03/2003
    • 02:31:09
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  • Evidence

    A few years ago, I debated about this topic and I needed arguements for both sides of the issue. You had many of the points that I came up with for the legalization of marijuana, but it would probably help if you were able to be a bit more specific on why these are valid arguments.
    • 12/03/2003
    • 02:17:35
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  • That was awesome!

    I absolutely loved your essay! It would be incredibly helpful to anyone studying it. I read the book last year for English and I wish I had had this to look at.
    • 12/03/2003
    • 02:01:00
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