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  • Nice work

    I agree on your points and many are very similar. I'd just like to add that balance in one's life is very important. It is one thing to be knowledgable, another to be able to apply that knowledge. In your case it would be your depth of planning but lack of following through with it. Just got an idea for an essay from this comment so you can read that instead :)
    • 15/04/2003
    • 23:02:16
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  • Not sure what you mean...

    I added a bibliography at the end. When using other sources, I just use bits and pieces that are relevant so only the source for the table I included in this essay was quoted. As I mentioned, the full essay is available at my site since I have problems uploading graphics etc on here.
    • 10/04/2003
    • 21:42:54
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  • Very descriptive

    Perhaps the title description needs work, but the content itself is very in-depth
    • 09/04/2003
    • 22:59:29
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  • Strongly Agree

    I'm surprised that you had to write an essay on this topic since it is obviously very controversial. However, it is very well written with good reasoning and proof.
    • 09/04/2003
    • 22:56:18
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  • Nice work

    I just wrote a paper on the East Asian Financial Crisis and now, judging from what you wrote, it looks like I'll get a decent mark.
    • 09/04/2003
    • 20:30:55
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  • Different Opinions

    I can relate very well to how important it is for a manager to know what's going on. For those who have worked (particularly in a busy environment), I think you will agree. However, the essay does not fit with the title - you speak too much about your own experiences rather than what managers are really looking for. Perhaps changing the last paragraph would help to emphasize the title.
    • 09/04/2003
    • 19:28:38
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  • Very Articular

    Excuse the pun, but this is well written in article form, providing full information on BOTH sides which is very important in my opinion. Well written and thought out.
    • 07/04/2003
    • 20:54:45
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  • Well Done!

    A very good essay in my opinion, although does the annotation imply that you copied each section from each of the sources? Although it still shows a vast amount of research, many essays assign approximately 5 to 10% of marks to expression and originality of thought. Apart from that, this is fantastic work!
    • 07/04/2003
    • 20:51:02
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  • Interesting results

    The first half of this is fantastic, although the way you wrote the answers to interview questions worries me. Does the marker prefer you put the interview answers in the 3rd person? (as I am used to keeping the results in the 1st person)
    • 05/04/2003
    • 22:43:55
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  • Well done

    Very good comparison using your cousin as a role model. Good conclusion of what your role model will lead you to achieve as well as your learning experience(s) along the way.
    • 05/04/2003
    • 22:38:54
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  • Very descriptive

    very easy to visualise with suspense and uncertainty of the future. Very well written.
    • 05/04/2003
    • 22:34:37
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  • Black box theater...

    Can't say I've ever heard of a black box theater (being from Australia) but it certainly seems interesting and enjoyable. Essay was a little repetitive in the conclusion but apart from that, very well written.
    • 05/04/2003
    • 22:30:36
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  • Probably copied

    A good essay, but after reading this, I doubt you wrote it. Your other essays don't cite references and the language and grammar used is once again completely different, yet they are all supposedly from the same year. It looks to me like you are just submitting quick essays or copying others, so you can use an essay for an upcoming assignment :(
    • 04/04/2003
    • 22:05:37
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  • Repetition!

    A lot of repetition in this essay, but better written than your one on the education system. When you are presenting proof for a statement, generally you should provide all the proof and then provide the statement as a conclusion. In this particular essay you should've outlined the differences between religion and philosophy in the beginning rather than the end also.
    • 04/04/2003
    • 21:59:59
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  • Very bad quality for 13th grade

    You have repeated that 11 years of study should be made compulsory instead of 8 saying what it will accomplish without giving any reasoning behind it. You also speak about removing a 3-hour exam that decides what people's jobs will be with no reference to if the exam is different for different people or even what the exam covers. Although the spelling is quite good, the grammar makes this very difficult to read. Keep in mind that when writing an essay you need to write it so even people who don't understand the topic can understand what you are trying to say. Also, when you write something this short, it should be very concise but as I mentioned before, you have repeated some information. Hopefully some of this will help you with future essays
    • 04/04/2003
    • 21:50:50
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  • Interesting

    I study c++ and delphi, so it's interesting to get an insight into java. I'll have to try it out now and see if I like the differences you mentioned.
    • 30/03/2003
    • 01:39:29
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  • Fantastic!!!

    I'm surprised that you didn't get 100% for this one. Very in-depth to TJs thoughts, words and actions which gives a sense of reality to the issue. Posing of questions are concise and answered well in perfect order in my opinion! Thumbs up yet again - all of your essays are fantastic work!
    • 30/03/2003
    • 00:40:53
    • Score: 12 out of 13 people found this comment useful.
  • Nice work

    Don't know whether you've studied statistics or not but very well written and good experimental design.The only thing I can criticise on is the seeding itself since it's possible to get a 'bad' packet of seeds. Perhaps I'm thinking a little too in depth lol.Thumbs up though!
    • 30/03/2003
    • 00:36:04
    • Score: 6 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Fantastic!

    Presenting the facts in a very interesting way with lots of examples. Great work!
    • 30/03/2003
    • 00:27:12
    • Score: 7 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • 10th grade?

    This seems like it's been copied from somewhere (what with being a 4 page essay), but if not, congratulations.
    • 28/03/2003
    • 16:39:33
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • How to?

    The title is misleading and although there is good use of acronyms, explanation should be in more depth. Try to avoid words like 'tremendously huge' and 'neat'. You also mention using web authoring software rather than the raw code itself. Take these into consideration when writing an essay to gain better marks in the future. Still, quite good for your grade so I'll give you a yellow face.
    • 28/03/2003
    • 16:30:59
    • Score: 5 out of 7 people found this comment useful.
  • So wrong...

    For one thing, you didn't mention how pornographic sites advertise using e-mail lists bought off of people and so in the dinosaur example above, Mark's mother might request information from a site via e-mail and on checking her e-mail, finds various subject lines such as 'FREE SEX' or something along those lines. If these sites kept so discrete about it, they wouldn't make any profit and would revert to 'normal' pornographic sites to make more money but they're still around which disproves your point.The majority of pornography sites do attract a large number of viewers because 'sex sells' as the saying goes. They then use this money to advertise on a variety of sites and in e-mail.Finally, file-sharing programs such as morpheus or kazaa also contain offensive material such as you described which is available at the click of a button if 'documents' is not selected for example.Oh and spending 5 to 6 hours on the net alone can't be good for you. I go to uni from 9 to 1 and work from 2 to 9 - how do you find the time?
    • 28/03/2003
    • 16:22:10
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  • Fantastic Work

    Very interesting and good quality for 10th grade material. You've covered who, what, when, where and why. Congratulations!
    • 23/03/2003
    • 02:27:06
    • Score: 6 out of 6 people found this comment useful.
  • Great quality for 9th grade

    A little too much emphasis on saying that each mineral is the best - perhaps you find this topic very interesting. Very informative on various minerals and vitamins however - especially useful as a source for essays and for personal interest. A little short however, not really an essay and I agree with dayrem in part so I'll have to give one thumb up and one thumb down.
    • 23/03/2003
    • 02:12:53
    • Score: 4 out of 5 people found this comment useful.
  • Overall Thumbs Up!

    The content was quite informative although the cited works should include a text since the disease has been around a while. Also the phrase "it is a relatively rare disease that affects an estimated 10 to 15 people out of every one million in a given year" is slightly confusing. Perhaps a useful addition to the essay would be how people cope with the disease? Nevertheless, still extremely concise and clear. Definately A grade quality.
    • 23/03/2003
    • 01:58:08
    • Score: 8 out of 8 people found this comment useful.