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  • Not very revealing

    it seems that you don't have a lot to say about the poem. you repeat the same thing over and over again. have you not made any other observations?
    • 04/11/2003
    • 11:15:14
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  • Good

    this is a short, but well-written comment on the book. you captured the essential parts.
    • 21/04/2003
    • 03:11:32
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  • Ok

    i think your conclusion doesn't fit to your arguments and examples of the first part of your essay, because they seem to suggest that it is the media which commits the crimes.i agree that the influence of the media is a great one, but you can't blame it for the violence in our society. plus: our today western world is the least violent to find. former times have been incredibly more violent.and you need to differenciate between media or music using violence to cricize it or to propagate it. nazi-regime hardly showed any violence, but created a argue that tv triggers off a number of copycats, but such a phenomenon existed long before tv came into being.
    • 21/04/2003
    • 03:02:46
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  • First paragraph

    it is a good and well structured essay, but you should leave out the first paragraph. you don't need to state that there are other opinions than yours. it becomes obvious from reading your essay anyway. and "everyone is entitled..." is hyporictcal bla bla and just makes you less convincing.
    • 14/04/2003
    • 02:20:57
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  • Nice

    Very good summery!
    • 12/04/2003
    • 12:56:31
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  • Not only one message

    I don\'t think such an analysis would be \"insulting\" to the novel or deface an underlying message. The portrayal of the economic problems of that time was just as important to Steinbeck as the need for humanity or the will to survive.The last chapter in the book also differs quite substanally from the last scene in the movie.
    • 30/03/2003
    • 04:20:29
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  • Superficial

    I agree that the subject is treated superficially and rather simplisticly. You argue that societies should combine features of both, communism and capitalism. Well there are, for example social market economy, which should be at least mentioned.
    • 28/03/2003
    • 08:37:21
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