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    Stop voting my essays bad because your friends do.. I am sick and tired of people who come in here, skip the reading and go traight to the voting.. Please have some respect for the writer.. a.k.a ME..Thank you
    • 29/04/2003
    • 13:44:28
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  • Nice

    A quick and intersting read. Good job!
    • 13/04/2003
    • 04:16:37
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  • Misunderstanding

    The one child policy in China might appear to be inhuman but you have to look at the bigger picture. Overpopulation is a major problem. If China let everyone have as many children as they like the results would be devasting. The already depressing standard of living would sink lower and those children that you think you "saved" would most likely live in poverty and despair.Think about the long time effect and not the immediate.
    • 12/04/2003
    • 17:20:33
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