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  • Strong

    Also in response to Tinkerbelle's comment. A foetus is a partially developed child but since most abortions are completed within the first three months of conception, sensations such as pain are not completely developed. "Although the child's brain may be alive with brainwaves, these are the basis of motor movements for development of the body" - 'a user's guide to the brain' by John Ratey.The loss of the egg each month follows the same argument that pain is not felt, albeit not being a living creature. The point Bacoon was trying to make (as I see it) is that it had the potential for life - much like the millions of sperm produced in males.
    • 08/07/2004
    • 20:46:10
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  • Neutral argument

    Your essay argues points for and against the heritage and importance of Kakadu National Park very effectively showing the historical and current significance for both 'sides'.Your final paragraph emphasises the loss of cultural significance and dramatically increases the affect on the entire piece (positively). I'm impressed!
    • 08/07/2004
    • 20:30:54
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  • Good essay

    Your discussion of biometrics had a strong argument for how it is more effective and why. I believe that it could improve in the last paragraph by saying what you think or believe rather than "they will become more accepting" but a good essay nonetheless!
    • 08/07/2004
    • 20:08:47
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  • Very good!

    Having worked in insurance before, I was pleased to see it mentioned as an effective risk strategy. I was also impressed by the many well-researched risks mentioned in your essay as well as preventing risk.On an economical side, risk can sometimes be a positive thing but using a definition for risk was a very good point in your essay. Well done.
    • 08/07/2004
    • 20:00:36
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  • Intuitive

    Although the essay structure could use a better finish, I can literally see you thinking of a million things to say at once in this piece. If you're interested in geometric and physical modelling I can recommend a book by LaMothe called 'Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX' by Jim Adams I believe. It's quite expensive and involves visual C++ programming but worth having a browse at - may also have related books on some web sites.
    • 06/07/2004
    • 19:55:29
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  • Excellent Essay

    First paragraph captures attention, final statement leaves a mark and the flow and structure of the essay is clear, concise and well documented with text references. I would be happy to read any of your other essays if they are this good.
    • 06/07/2004
    • 19:17:41
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  • Very concise

    After applying for web development positions personally, I would like to comment that qualifications are needed particularly in areas such as SQL (programming or server administration), .NET software such as VB.NET and sometimes a university degree. However, your information is to the point and flows well. Perhaps use a reference or two to assist your statements.
    • 06/07/2004
    • 19:12:09
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  • Slightly long-winded but good

    Although there is a lot of irrelevant material in this essay, the overall structure and majority of content is quite good. I suggest you also look into Belbin Team Roles, perhaps comparing with TMS and giving examples of characteristics within the team that you work in for example.
    • 06/07/2004
    • 19:05:25
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  • Visual

    Your use of detail in the first few paragraphs gave very visual detail for entire piece. Remind me to read the other buses.
    • 04/07/2004
    • 19:32:57
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