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  • Good

    Good job, but whats you're take on it? Do you think that Hamlet was insane? I loved this play in HS. I would say that Hamlet was a little disturbed obviously has a few emotional and sexual issues to work out (Oedipal mostly-I think thats what kept the relationship with Opellia unrequited)but I think was more depressed and a bit obsessed than anything else. Having people think he was crazy did help the amount of freedom he was allowed throught-you're right there.
    • 13/04/2003
    • 00:18:06
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  • Very good

    The most entertaining and informative essay I've ver read. Not intellectual or anything-but still well written. I'm the professor enjoyed it instead of getting mad...
    • 13/04/2003
    • 00:04:49
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  • Libraries

    Librians are underused resources. They're usually quite happy to get any sort of book you want on any topic trhough interlibrary loan. All you need to do is reach tittles and subjects and then tell them waht you want. Librarians are usuallu very intelligent and very willing to give assistance...especially at University libraries-all you need to do is ask. By the way the William Paterson Library has a decent amount of material on you subject.
    • 11/04/2003
    • 18:05:23
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  • Good Essasy, strong supportive quotes

    Very well written essay and your use of quotes strongly supported all your ideas. I think maybe you also should have mentioned Miss Emily\'s keeping of Homer\'s body as she did with her father. Very good.
    • 11/04/2003
    • 17:47:33
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  • This is quote accidently left out between 2nd and 3rd to last paragraphs...sorry

    "Enemy? What is enemy? You are killing my own people so many miles from your home. We are not the enemy, you are the enemy.""You used my to kill two people. Two people died in""My mother is dead. And my older brother who would be 29 yrs. old he-dead. Shot by American. My neighbor... his wife-dead. Why? Because we are not human to them, we are only little Vietnamese. And I still saved"
    • 11/04/2003
    • 17:30:29
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