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  • Big BOO!

    This essay is lunacy. There are two giant populations to think about, neither of which want to annex the other. The arguements are not even fully correct, if you hadn't noticed there was a tarrif on the Canadian softwood lumber industry for the past couple of years, and where would the population spread out to; the vast nothingness that is Canada. If is a terrible essay and should not be on this site, as the arguments are not only lacking but wrong, and the real arguements that one could possibly argue non-existant.
    • 10/12/2003
    • 19:12:47
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  • Examples

    You should use some examples of the consequences other than just stating what could happen. Even though the examples may well be true, empirical evidence will only strengthen the case.
    • 10/12/2003
    • 19:00:51
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  • Good essay

    Very well done. The writer has captured the most important elements of this work and the styles of Remarque. This storey is truely fabulous.
    • 09/12/2003
    • 23:06:25
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  • Dieppe Authority

    This is a really bad essay and the facts are wrong. Do not draw research from this work when presenting it to anyone who could know the slightest bit about Dieppe. Even if they don't know about it, don't trample on the correct history out there.Cheers
    • 30/10/2003
    • 22:03:30
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  • American History

    First of all, it is not up to teachers to decide what they can and what they cannot teach. Secondly, the world knows all about the parts of American history this essay refers to. The use of the idea of "exceptionalism" could strengthen this essay.
    • 05/10/2003
    • 11:50:32
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