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    Packaging is a very interesting topic. In the new era with intensitified compeitition and neo-managerialism, it seems that packaging is more than the scope of what you've mentioned in this essay. In general, packaging for MNEs is no longer consumer-oreintated. Instead, packaging is used as a symbol of re-evaluation for the consumers and to build a brand personality.
    • 30/04/2004
    • 03:10:01
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  • Good Analysis

    Good Analysis
    • 30/04/2004
    • 03:02:32
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  • Good Work

    I actually work with the in-house advertising executive of Toyota, I've show him what you wrote here, he rated average. But I think the pieace little work is very useful in some aspect.
    • 25/04/2004
    • 04:54:33
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  • Useful

    Although this is only for US market, and some of the works are from the Toyota Prius: Marketing Communication Plan, but additional works here are very useful and are complementary to the initial plan. Well done.
    • 22/04/2004
    • 01:30:40
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  • Johniip

    Yup, I make a mistake when I first post this paper. (I only pose the abstract in the first pace). So can the webmaster here delete this piece please?
    • 20/04/2004
    • 07:09:41
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