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  • I dont agree

    Slavery wasn't as much a leading cause of the Cvil War as was South Carolina's secession fron the union. The civil war was also known as "The War To Save The Union". Slavery was finaly beginning to falter, however, Lincoln reassured the south that he would,"Respect slavery where it existed".Information obtained from"The American nation"John A Garraty Mark C. Carnes
    • 23/02/2004
    • 12:39:41
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  • This is great

    This is a great essay, the content flow is exraordinary! Many sentences have good transion words.
    • 23/02/2004
    • 12:28:58
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  • Wonderful

    This essay is a great essay it givs many good references and gives great information about its subject. it uses many transition words, which helps it flow well
    • 27/09/2003
    • 14:20:40
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