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  • Internet and Internet Security

    This is a very touchy subject in deed! On one hand you wonder that if the internet goes unchecked and children can access explicit material at a very young age, then what will quench their hunger for more as they grow older? And at the same time, whether or not the government is trying to act in our best interests or not, Americans always resist being regulated. I feel that we cannot let the nations youth be corrupted before they are allowed time enough to learn about values and moral character. I for one am glad I was not charged with the responsibility to develope a plan that would further regulate internet activity while protecting constitutional rights. That'll be a doozy.
    • 14/03/2002
    • 21:40:10
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  • Diabetes: All about the desease, its causes, effects, treatments, and possible future treatments.

    Another interesting fact is that in many diabetic emergencies the patient will appear intoxicated. This is caused by decreased glucose to the brains tissues which in turn causes the brain's proper motor function to decline. It is important to remember that every decrease in mental status has an underlying cause which can be many other things than just drugs or alchohol. An assumption that a person who appears intoxicated must have been drinking may delay life saving medical intervention for a more serious condition.Your report was very impressive. With the amount of information included and the informations accuracy, I would bet that it would pass for a respectable grade at a much higher level than just the 11th grade.
    • 14/03/2002
    • 21:15:18
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  • why the civil war took place

    Slavery wasn't as much a leading cause of the Cvil War as was South Carolina's secession fron the union. The civil war was also known as "The War To Save The Union". Slavery was finaly beginning to falter, however, Lincoln reassured the south that he would,"Respect slavery where it existed".Information obtained from"The American nation"John A Garraty Mark C. Carnes
    • 13/03/2002
    • 19:15:27
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