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  • Genetic disorder-color blindness

    Short, factual account, a little dry to read. Could be spruced up by wild card examples or a little more personalization in the writing style. Example, i am a female and color blind (greens/browns) NOT present at birth, but due to a head injury (auto accident). My best friend (female) is a police officer, she is color blind (genetic) but had to get special contacts that correct the color blindness to enter the police academy. So it really is curable, if needed.......
    • 31/07/2003
    • 07:00:56
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  • Borderline Personality Disorder

    Very interesting and informative essay.UPDATE: new edition of the DSM-IV (text uses DSM-III) and another good source would be James Masterson's (referenced to in text)The Narcissistic and Borderline Disorders book. BPD's project abandonment fears onto everyone in their lives, must have someone to cling to.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 06:48:11
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