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  • Informative History on Buddha

    Currently I'm enrolled in a class on buddhist philosophy and I am looking for information that gives more insite to what this philosophy entails. Your essay covers what we have been taught, but broke it down excellently for someone that doesn't yet have a strong understanding of all the concepts related to buddhism.A book that I think is well written and would cover many quotes you list here such as a 4 noble truths, the 8fold path and the 5 aggregates. "What the buddha taught." By Rahula. (I know the first name begins with Wap. ) Check it out, might be useful for revisions/additions etc.
    • 15/03/2002
    • 23:46:37
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  • Insiteful..

    Information was insiteful, and clearly explained to someone with out much knowledge on the subject. Clearly shown that work and effort was put into this. NOt only containing cited research materials, but using the authors own words and putting them to efficient use. Though I'm not sure if I could agree with all points, I could understand the flow that the author took.
    • 15/03/2002
    • 23:21:05
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  • Computer Privacy

    To make a recommendation to the author. I'm not sure how you could go about this, but appears that there is a lot of material that is quoted from a source. Possibly make that an apendix, but not a part of the main paper. Put some of the discussion more in your own words vs the words of someone else. Again only a suggestion
    • 15/03/2002
    • 23:16:06
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  • Privacy

    A topic that is very timely considering our world views at this particular time in history.
    • 15/03/2002
    • 23:11:45
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