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  • Refuting eternalmoonprincess

    \"Furthermore, any claims that compulsory voting willforce uninformed people to vote are inherently flawed, for on what basis can one say that a voteris informed as opposed to uninformed? To be \"informed\", is it required that one must watchevery nightly news program and read every major national newspaper? Must they also knowevery bill proposed in Congress, and how each Congressperson voted on that bill? Must they beacquainted with the intricacies of national policy? Must they memorize the tax code? The onlyway to determine whether a voter is \"informed\" or not would be to require citizens to take a testbefore they vote. However, such tests are reminiscent of voting obstacles such as poll taxes andliteracy tests, which were banned by the 14th Amendment. Since the line between \"informed\"and \"uninformed\" is arbitrary and could be drawn anywhere, it must not be drawn at all.\"
    • 27/03/2004
    • 02:02:25
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