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  • Outlines the problems but not the answers

    You have given us a brief outline of the problem but you have not articulated any ways by which the problems can be solved.You state that teachers often do not have the motivation to motivate their students and that the answer is more background checks, but how can a background check gauge a teachers motivation to teach, after all there are no qualifications you can receive for being able to motivate people.'Teachers are not being paid what they expect to be paid', this is obviously due to lack of funding, how do you propose we rectify this. Should the government inject more money into education, should well off parents be expected to pay more, is education a right rather than a privelage?You need to dig deeper into your ideas and come up with solutions for the problems you have outlined. Everyone knows the problems that high school education has, we need to know what you think should be done about it.
    • 15/03/2002
    • 06:47:00
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  • Good overall review of fedralism

    This is quite a good piece considering that it is a high school piece and therefore should be judged as such. You have outlined the structures of fedralism well, and although there are some inaccrucies (ie. states cannot conduct internaional treaty negotiations, not because they are not allowed by the central government but because the nature of international law does not allow it), it does give a good overview of the system.You could have outlined the institutions that are needed to enshrine these principles and also pratical problems that arise from a federal government (ie. how can we best ensure that the judicial, legislative and executive branches are truly seperate and independent).Overall, a good piece of work.
    • 14/03/2002
    • 09:38:05
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  • Not terriably insightful

    I would be the first to admit that it was the title of the essay that drew me to read it. And although everything you say is valid, you have not penetrated the issue fully. Perhaps I am reading it wrong, but the only point you seem to make over and over is that Cosmo appeals to you because it was targeted for you, but that could be said for any product and lacks specificity to the issue at hand.
    • 14/03/2002
    • 07:50:19
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