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  • I disagree up to a point.

    I would say that one must view Euripides' portrayal of Medea's character in the context of the view of women in his time. You've pretty much done that, but you haven't hit on the point that Euripides did something remarkable by allowing a female, Medea in this case, to play the lead role in one of his plays. That was a big deal then.I just think it would have been effective to mention that.
    • 06/11/2003
    • 13:54:40
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  • Right. No.

    This looks like something a teacher's written.I'm giving it a low mark because I don't believe whoever submitted this wrote it, and that's just inane. You might as well get the handout from the teacher.
    • 08/09/2003
    • 23:46:07
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  • ...

    "Australia should never have gotten involved in the Vietnam War."You could easily say the same for Americans! This was very well written. I'm Australian myself, so to read this was a pleasure.I'm not studying modern history at the moment, but I know a fair few people who are and I certainly intend to let them know both about this site and your essay. It's a great source.Well done.
    • 08/09/2003
    • 04:03:50
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  • Hm..

    There are some good points made here, but it isn't anything new. The Flintstones is only one example out of MANY that illustrates your point. I think you could have used more examples, even if only in reference. It would have made your point hit home harder.Well done, however. Your writing (for your age) is impeccable.
    • 08/09/2003
    • 03:59:54
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  • Eh.

    For a junior high level essay, this isn't that bad. I'm just unsure of how it can relate to anyone else's pursuit of knowledge and academic aid on a matter of personal opinion, though.
    • 08/09/2003
    • 03:53:25
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  • Not bad.

    Having read both Greene's _The_Quiet_American_" and Wallace's _Bloods_, I read this essay with perhaps an overly critical eye. I was not studying either of these texts when I read them - they were for pleasure reading, and so I am somewhat attached to the plots of both books. There is a reason for studying fiction - it's good!This essay isn't bad at all, although I agree with the comment before mine in the idea that it could have been a little better formulated as far as structure goes. I did get the feeling that a lot of things were being missed, but as I haven't studied these books in a classroom environment I can't say that I know -what- was missing, precisely.Either way, a good essay, but not necessarily a great source for someone else trying to write something along the same lines.
    • 12/08/2003
    • 22:05:24
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  • Mediocre.

    The abrupt ending was a bit of a let-down, as I found this essay rather interesting. It has some good points in it, but overall I can't say I see anything here that's particularly original or rare.Not a bad job, but I probably wouldn't use this essay as any sort of source.
    • 03/07/2003
    • 18:07:46
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  • Coherent. A well thought out essay.

    I found this essay extremely useful, as it is a question from the HSC that I was given as an assessment task.Very coherent thought processes. Shows a remarkable amount of insight.
    • 03/07/2003
    • 18:01:44
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