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  • Yes, but..

    I worked for a plastic surgeon, and have never seen more motivated patients. These patients are so happy with their results that they work on other aspects of their life i.e career, quit smoking, exercise more, eat better. And any surgery has risks. Plastics does not have any more or less, it depends on the patient's health status mostly. It's not usually like what you see on tv- people are not all extreme makeover cases!
    • 06/02/2005
    • 00:26:30
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  • Just to let you know

    I wrote this essay for an upper level sociology course, and had to use psychological theories to describe parenting. So, I would say only the 1st half of the paper is a summary of the movie. Thanks for reading!
    • 06/02/2005
    • 00:01:40
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  • A!

    Hey! I also like the interpretation of the movie "clueless." I agree with heatherlyAJ- pass on the word "hugely" please!
    • 05/02/2005
    • 23:51:23
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  • Like it!

    You have a lot of talent. If you are interested in poetry, is an awesome site to check out!! I gave you a smile :) Good luck with your creative gift!
    • 05/02/2005
    • 23:27:23
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  • Awesome essay!

    We wish it could be so easy to convert the Iraqi nation. They have a long road ahead of them... But it should be worth the fight! Nice info., thanks!
    • 05/02/2005
    • 23:09:11
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  • Nice Job!

    Good statistics and general information. I would like to hear more about how culture influences anorexia, i.e magazines, tv, etc. Very interesting topic...
    • 05/02/2005
    • 22:50:56
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  • Thanks

    I enjoyed reading the differences between Christian and Islam's first two centuries of expansion, despite of some early similarities. Well-written and easy to understand!
    • 05/02/2005
    • 22:32:45
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  • Good but..

    Some of the body needs to be corrected, such as from 1st paragraph; "It is funny that in so developed word that we live now, still nobody found a solution. Solution that would works and decrease this emergency statistic. How? And what we can do about it? Here are some solutions and I am sure that something has to change if we would consider at least some of them."
    • 05/02/2005
    • 22:23:23
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  • Well said!

    Obviously, you are venting and not writing for an english class. But I guess some of us on this site are here just to cheat- so may need the advice more than you know! Cheers.
    • 05/02/2005
    • 22:15:13
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  • Learning tool

    Thanks, good essay! A great read for anyone concerned with the environment and how each person can help. I really liked the last paragraph-it gives us all a reason! "We must take responsibility for our home. We have but one Earth, one chance." :)
    • 05/02/2005
    • 22:04:31
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  • Stick to one topic

    Essay is okay.. But you need to stick to one topic. Either research surgery patients and how smoking effects anesthesia, or lung cancer and how smoking causes it...
    • 05/02/2005
    • 21:54:42
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  • Run-on

    This sentence definetely needs some work...It isn't the fact that someone has more talent than him, the problem is, as he sees it, that he isn't as good as someone else after making a bargain with God, which should guarantee that he is the best in the world at least until he dies..
    • 21/07/2003
    • 18:41:28
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  • Maybe..

    some of these sentences could be cut down. They almost seem to be overkill... But the essay is decent.
    • 21/07/2003
    • 18:33:31
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