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    Head on over to instead
    • 13/09/2003
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    Or are the grammatical errors a riddle in themselves?Riddles are amazing things and today they play a major part in our society. Where and when did they come from? Nobody knows. I believe riddles started with cavemen. I can easily picture those drawing pictures on the walls of caves, pointing and grunting the whole time. Next were the Egyptians. They were a great society and developed the first writing system. Most certainly they dealt with riddles, and believe me they did. In fact they explored riddles on the highest plan: Death. Yep, I bet their Book of The Dead would make an interesting read, perhaps. Then the Romans came in all their glory. Yes, they spent a lot of time killing people, but I am sure they liked to do other things. I can imagine a Roman soldier walking onto stage:"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for coming to my show tonight. So what happens to people who refuse to submit to the Roman armies? They die!" Laughter erupts from all over the crowd.Of course that is a joke, but how could jokes exist without riddles. I am sure you have heard of the Rosetta Stone. That two was a huge riddle in history. Plus I have some very interesting ideas about what was written on there, but that is straying off the point so let us move on. We will jump around a bit, to later on in time partly because going through every major society in history would take too long and partly because my knowledge of them dies out there. So we will go to the American Revolution. I have some inside knowledge that the motto was life, liberty and the pursuit of riddles. I also believe that the American Revolution was won by General George Washington out riddling General Howe. Finally one of the most important and memorable events in riddle history was the publishing of The Hobbit.Well, there you have it, the evolution of the modern riddle.
    • 31/07/2003
    • 03:50:58
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  • Excellent essay

    This is an excellently written essay and great for citing in other essays regarding similar topics. After researching long and hard (avoiding many of the pay sites for essays which only provide a few words or description of an essay) I've compiled a list of various resources. I haven't checked them all thoroughly as I've completed my work, but briefly reviewed they seem like viable resources for future essays/research papers. You may find them useful.
    • 31/07/2003
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    Do not delete this. Delete the duplicate at instead.
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    Whoever voted this essay with a frown, do you mind providing your reasoning?
    • 23/07/2003
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    Head on over to my website which offers a menu that provides links to nearly every single resource relating to Everquest. I've also started linking Everquest 2 resources. The site used to be for a guild on Kane Bayle, but the guild has since evaporated out of existence. Right now, I'm just pursuing it as an underground community that does everything a guild doesn't provide. Guilds mostly focus around raiding and nothing more. Mostly, that is. Guilds expect their members to exp, to get the top level (if any), and then, in Everquest anyway, collect AA (Alternative Advancement) points, which allow further capabilities, stats and benefits, to be as good as they have time to be. Other than that, though, as I stated in my previous comment, due to the desire to be the best, and not the desire for roleplaying and other sources of entertainment, guilds don't require or expect anything more from you; just to get along with everyone else and to participate in raids; hence being active.Hrmm, this is seeming more like a journal now. Well anyway, I am only posting this to reference my site, which provides links to many, if not all, Everquest-related resources.
    • 22/07/2003
    • 12:58:00
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  • MMORPGS are changing though

    Sadly, though, MMORPGS have been perversed by the less talented players; the players who could care less about roleplaying; the players who want action, and greedily fight to be the best, the strongest, the player with the most play time or the player who has the best gear and stats. There are few players left who enjoy playing just to pursue something interesting. Many of those such players end up getting depressed due to feeling the tension and demand for everyone to be the best they can be(tm? Army?) It's all a struggle for the top. Although, the particular game for Everquest, is what I'm referring to, it's also four years old. Maybe that's why. Maybe it's because it's just so old and so many people are into it, and that's what is bound to happen when too many players participate in such a game. Maybe with Everquest 2, and other furture MMORPGS, it'll start out as a game for RPers and then after a few years be perverted into a struggle to be the best again. In any case, I do not suggest pursuing Everquest at this moment, especially since Everquest 2 is going to be released very soon, and who knows...maybe everyone will leave Everquest and it'll die out, even though Sony Online Entertainment claims to keep tossing out expansions to Everquest to keep it alive. It is quite boring for me in particular and the only reason I continue to play is because I enjoy participating in a portion of the community, my friends, the few I have left, as many of them have left the game. You either have to play very often and burn out, you don't play enough and fall behind. Again, though, it's 4 years into existence, so perhaps that's why. It's still a fun and exciting game, but with it being so old and many new games being introduced, I'd take this knowledge and apply it to a new similar game in the genre, as it will be more exciting and provide you the opportunity to discover things on your own, rather than just playing by what others have discovered. By this, I mean, in Everquest, everyone knows what needs to be done to get to where the top players are, and they're just following their paths by researching on the Internet what they've done. It's boring, really. There's no adventure in that. It lacks a sense of achievement. This is more than just a comment, imo.
    • 22/07/2003
    • 12:49:54
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  • Excellent quality essay

    This essay is of excellent quality. This is done by an 11th grade high school student?
    • 21/07/2003
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