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  • Simply ineffective

    College? SENIOR?No way.Ultimately this essay repeats a few facts. That's nice.It has no point. No thesis. No arguement.It really even lacks construction (like any linkage).Poor. Very poor.
    • 06/11/2003
    • 15:54:02
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  • ...

    I'm not quite sure of the real point of this essay. I have 3 possible points... But none of the 3 are completely proven.First, it could be economic, that gun sales are down, and this is why... But how does that relfect the thesis which is about a subtle attitude shift?Second, this is a 'gun control' coming of age essay... But besides the possibility that low gun sales will mean easier time passing gun control legislation (a link not made)... This essay oes not impact there.Third, I have the posibility the essay's point is economic, but with a 'human right's slant... Which is never addressed anywhere within.Although I think the essay proves that gun sales are presently lower and presents a few causes why... A mere look at a single statistic can prove the statement.It fits well in the 'good' category. but not the excellent.
    • 06/11/2003
    • 15:51:37
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  • Ok then

    Sorry mate, but even for a 9th grade essay, this isn't up to par. Your proof consists of leaps of logic and has holes I could drive a truck through..."justified by the fact that this common belief is held by such divergent peoples."So if everyone believes it... its true? At one time, everyone beleived the Earth was the center of the universe... ooops.You quote the bible... Uh... That's a spiritual book... Which would mean it REQUIRES the beleif in spirit to be believed. So you're trying to prove spirit's existence with something that requires us to assume spirit's existence... uh... problem..."We are not only physical matter, but also spiritual essence."... Uh... Proof?"There are specific areas of the nonphysical world that are inhabited by human beings who are no longer physically alive."... Proof?Finally you close with a near-death experience of one woman... Might she had imagined it? You don't countenance ANY arguements of non-afterlife cultures...I'm a Methodist myself... But honestly, an essay asserting an afterlife and lacking good logic just takes lots of credibility from you.
    • 16/08/2003
    • 18:43:59
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  • Solid

    This is a solid, well written essay.It argues a point, but does not neglect the possibilities of other opionons.While I think a longer paper would deal with the topic more thouroughly, this is a good essay in its own right, for brevity and covering of a solid, al beit narrow, arguement on the topic.I rate it "above average"
    • 16/08/2003
    • 18:25:30
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  • Assert

    Its nice you agree...But you assert alot.While you and Ms. Clinton may agree... Why should I, as an outside observer, believe you?Even more so, where is the quote evidence to show that Ms. Clinton believes in this?(For instance, voting records, or in-senate speeches.)I give this essay an 'average' rating because while it states that the author agrees with Ms. Clinton, it does nothing to show the author is right, nor that Ms. Clinton is right, besides assert.
    • 16/08/2003
    • 18:22:07
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  • Wonderful summary

    This is a great summary of the things going on...But I don't see where you really prove that your chosen causes created the rigid system of racism.Also, you never link backwards to pre-civil war society, which would provide the necessary *intent* of a racist society.Finally, the populist/democrat link is weak. You really only assert it, and the linkage for your remaining 'no black political power' could be summed down even farther through a simple summary of the Rdeemer government's.Overall a good summary, but does not prove what it sets out to.
    • 24/07/2003
    • 10:36:34
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  • Good essay

    did you consider that Gatsby can't 'get' Daisy because his whole existence hinges on that idea, and hence, he makes her out to be more then she could ever be? Hence, Gatsby is actually looking for a goddess Daisy, and all there really is is the mortal Daisy (reference the shirt incident as well as Nick's concerns when he is in the hallways during the first meeting of Gatsby and Daisy).Great essay as it presents, and succesfully makes an arguement for the social status concept of Gatsby's failure to reach his dream.
    • 23/07/2003
    • 22:35:27
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