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  • Why is Hamlet so unkind to Ophelia?

    The essay is surprisingly short. It does not offer very much info but is good to quote from in your essay. It is just right for the age group (sophomore) it is written for.
    • 08/08/2002
    • 14:53:29
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  • Elements of Gothic Literature - describes the most important element of gothic literature with examples from various canonical texts.

    Nice synopsis of relevent material. References are clear and the language is easily accesible. It could benefit from a bibliography so others can view the sources but other than that its a great introduction into one aspect of gothic literature. Worth a read.
    • 06/08/2002
    • 16:19:48
    • Score: 17 out of 18 people found this comment useful.
  • Review of the film, Double Jeopardy

    As a thought, this is more of a synopsis of the film rather than anything critical. It gives a good introduction of the main points but does not lend itself to exploring any themes/motifs. A good start to knowing the plot that will ease the the veiwing process.
    • 31/07/2002
    • 15:41:55
    • Score: 5 out of 5 people found this comment useful.