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  • Last Duchess

    John, As with all your essays, this is a great interpretation of a poem I have not read. Your inclusion of lines from the poem allowed me to understand where you were coming from.
    • 14/10/2004
    • 04:04:35
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  • Passion

    What foresight this poet had, crimes of passion are seen so differently now. No one shall have if I myself cannot.
    • 11/10/2004
    • 16:36:03
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  • Good Night

    I really enjoy reading your essays, they are well constructed and have a depth to them. I like your perspective on life and death.
    • 11/10/2004
    • 16:19:52
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  • Special Education

    Interesting essay but what about the children with disabilities who go to mainstream school and get tormented because they are different. Just a thought.
    • 29/09/2004
    • 22:51:59
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  • Euthanasia

    Good essay, although I think it would have been good to add something about a persons dignity and their right to quality of life not quantity.
    • 29/09/2004
    • 15:51:48
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