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  • Good

    OK, this paper is like, 10 times better than the stuff on the top of the list. At least the author of this one can spell. Who rates this stuff?!? Monkeys?
    • 19/03/2004
    • 20:23:28
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  • Less than impressed

    You keeping switching between past tense and present tense, and third person and first person. "Till" is not a word, at least not in the context your using. Oh, and you have statistics but no works cited for them. All and all, not a very good paper.P.S. Just as an opinion, waiting until your married to have sex is great, but don't wait until you forty. Certain gifts have a shelf life.(:
    • 19/03/2004
    • 20:19:07
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  • Good, but...

    Good paper, but there are alot of run-on sentences.
    • 19/03/2004
    • 19:48:00
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  • To ynnej

    I'm sorry. I'm not Psychic. That law wasn't passed until several months AFTER I wrote the essay. Oh, and PS sexual orientation can never be taken into account in an adoption application. The florida law simply doesn't allow unmarried couples to adopt children (and this is the same in every state). Because a child can't be adopted twice (except in steparent adoption), only one single person or a married couple can adopt children. Get your facts straight before you make a comment or you are going to sound like an idiot.Ooops, too late.
    • 28/02/2004
    • 23:32:11
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  • I am dumber for having read this.

    So how old are you? Twelve? This is the same kind of naive, inane babble a person would find in a drug store romance novel. A bad one! Have a little depth and try coming to your own opinion about love instead of getting it off the Disney Channel or your latest Brittney Spears album.
    • 28/02/2004
    • 23:20:23
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  • 66%?

    I can't believe the author got a 66% on this. They must have one jerk of a professor.
    • 31/08/2003
    • 17:52:50
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  • Education

    This essay had alot of good information but no organized format or topic sentence. I was well written but would have been better with a more organized introductory paragraph.
    • 31/08/2003
    • 09:59:03
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