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    This essay is not bad. I think you could develop it a little bit more, also, you may want to explain what the Tipton Place is and why it is important to the novel. I would also suggest using a few quotes from the novel to back up your points, but this is a good essay for an 8th grade level!
    • 29/03/2005
    • 19:52:18
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  • Hmmm....

    The second part of this essay is much better than the first. There is such a difference that I wonder if the same person wrote both the first and second parts. I'm not saying any of it was bad, but the first part was a bit simplistic and uninteresting. The second part, the fire imagery, was far more interesting. In the second part the author seems to have truly analyzed the imagery.Thanks!
    • 28/11/2004
    • 10:46:43
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  • Good summary

    I must say that this is much more of a summary than an analysis; however, you still did a good job. The essay touches on all the major points in Corrie's life (you only left out the part where Betsie died, and later on Willem died too-he had an illness). Otherwise, this was well written. Good job!
    • 28/10/2004
    • 19:34:30
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  • Good job

    This was definitely a well written essay. You touched on all the major ideas of the story. This was good! Good job!
    • 18/10/2004
    • 18:07:58
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  • Yay for Max!!

    Nice story. I'm glad that you informed us that you and Jessica are both ok, but I was also glad that Max survived, I was worried about him with a gun shot wound. You did a pretty decent job. In regards to creative writing, you keep the story short and to the point which is a good idea. Good job for a 10th grade student
    • 10/12/2003
    • 23:40:06
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  • Good job!!

    This essay is rather good. You do a great job with a very big topic.
    • 10/12/2003
    • 23:32:36
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  • Ummm......

    Ok, while there is information and it seems to be accurate, I really couldn't call this an essay. This is more like a grocery list of different things. I think there is a massive need for improvement in the simple thought that the facts and ideas need to be connected and placed into sentences and paragraphs. Also, I agree with courlove7 - what does this have to do with the UN really? Be careful where you place your essays, make sure they belong under that topic.
    • 10/12/2003
    • 23:17:08
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  • My opinion and response to other comments...

    While this essay could be better developed, it is a great topic. There are some grammatical errors which could be corrected and some of the sentence structures should be edited and reworded.Now, I am an animal rights activist as well. I think that animal testing is cruel NO MATTER WHAT (yes, that is what I said courlove7).What on earth gives people the right to determine that they are better than any other living creature that we may torture a defenseless animal just to "further" our research? I don't know about anyone else but I believe in the Lord and He created all of us. We do NOT have the right to decide which of His creations are more important than others.When vaccinations for diseases like polio were invented there were not many technological advances therefore, although I don't support of justify it, there were not many choices. Today, in 2003 now, we have gone so far in technology that testing on animals should not be necessary. March of Dimes conducts extremely CRUEL tests on animals and yet, there is no cure and the tests are completley pointless... why? The reason being that animals and humans are different - if it difficult to learn about humans through an animals anatomy. But I am veering off topic a bit. Essentially, there is not a single animal who raises his/her hand to volunteer for our senseless, violent, cruel testing; therefore, they should not be forced into it. These tests are painful, just imagine what the animal goes through and put yourself in his/her place, then, and ONLY then, can anyone really say anything. Visit to get an idea of the horrors that occur.Perhaps we could use all of this money we spend on researching on animals and use it in a more beneficial way where the research could be more useful. After all, we do have the technology.Courlove7 I do hope you don't find me to be rude, it is not my intent, I just disagree and this is a passionate subject for me. If I offended you I apologize but this is how I feel.
    • 10/12/2003
    • 23:10:40
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  • Sales pitch? :)

    This is informative and well written, as well as grammatically correct. However, I must say that I feel like I'm reading a sales pitch or a commerical but I suppose that is likely to happen on a topic such as this. Anyways, good job!
    • 10/12/2003
    • 22:53:51
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  • Comment

    One thing, I believe that Poe was actually kicked out of West Point because he made a point to get himself kicked out. He no longer wanted to stay there but Allan wouldn't sign him the necessary release forms, so Poe just acted out until he was kicked out. There are some grammatical errors in the essay which need to be fixed, but all in all it is pretty good. I studied Poe, his works, and his life, a great deal when I was younger, it was nice to read this and refresh my memory on those details."The Raven" is a great poem, I believe it is also one of the poems which is subjected more than his other works to the idea of Poe's drug addiction based upon the colorful imagery, etc...
    • 10/12/2003
    • 22:44:55
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  • This is certainly interesting....

    Well, this was certainly interesting. I don't think that I agree with it completley. I am not versed in Milton's other works, but I do know a bit about Paradise Lost. I don't think that Milton intended his life to parallel Satan. The description of hell as utter darkness is because Heaven is seen as full of light; therefore, to have the complete opposite of Heaven is hell. Also, Heaven's light is joyous and darkness implies a sadness, a lack of joy... so this, I think, is a reason why hell is dark. I don't think Milton pitied himself over his blindness espeically considering he dictated to his daughter most of Paradise Lost. Anyways, that is just my opinion. This essay was well written though. You did a good job!
    • 06/12/2003
    • 18:24:15
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  • Pretty good....

    This was a pretty well written essay. Paradise Lost is a difficult book to cover. You did a good job. There are a few grammatical errors to look at, but they are small. Also, the essay could be more in-depth in the explanations of Satan's pride and why was he filled with this pride and hatred. More quotes to support your argument would have been great as well. However, all in all, it was a pretty good essay! :)
    • 06/12/2003
    • 18:14:33
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  • Here are some suggestions....

    Well, I am an English minor in my last year of school so I want to offer some advice for this essay. It is pretty good considering it is for a high school level (I am honestly not trying to be mean or bash you at all). The main problem in the essay is that nothing is elaborated upon. You take on a lot of things instead of focusing on a few small ideas. It would be much better to focus on a few ideas and really disect them, then to focus on a lot of things and make the essay a generalization. Also, it is very important to mention that in the novel Satan has a problem with not being in command. He wants to be the leader and the ruler, he wants to take over, and he cannot since no one can defeat the Lord. His second problem is envy. Supposedly Satan was one of the first Archangels and Jesus came later. Satan was angry because Jesus was chosen as the Son instead of himself. There are a lot of important details left out. Please do know that you do a good job in covering a lot of information, it just needs to be explored in further detail
    • 06/12/2003
    • 18:08:48
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  • Interesting... here are my thoughts

    I don't know that Adam, Eve, and Satan (in the beginning) had no knowledge, per say, of evil. I think that Adam and Eve were created in the Lord's image and the important thing is they were given free will from the beginning. The Lord did not want robots; he wanted people that he could connect with, and people who chose Him freely. As for Satan, he was an angel, I believe that understand and know of evil. They also have free will. At some point, I think towards the end, perhaps book X or XII, one of the angels states that all the angels have the ability to decide if they want to worship the Lord. Those who are there worship Him freely because they desire to. Satan desired not to worship Him and preferred to be the one in power. I think this is where the idea of evil is set in. Also, we can't forget that Satan did tempt Adam and Eve to eat the fruit; however, it was their choice to do it. Oh, by the way, really good essay and good language, although there are some grammatical errors to fix.
    • 06/12/2003
    • 17:36:58
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  • Very helpful

    This is a well written essay, with great ideas. The poems are explained excellently especially since the writer has taken the reader step by step through each stanza. Thanks much!
    • 08/11/2003
    • 13:19:06
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  • Think about this

    This essay is okay, but doesn't appear to be the work of a junior in high school. (I don't mean to be rude or insulting - if it is then I am sorry).There are several silly errors, for example, "although the house looked table" however, the house probably looked stable and not table. There are more but I won't cite them all.Also, the explanations are not in-depth, but more of simplistic summaries. The lengthy quote from "The Raven" is also unnecessary; it just takes up space. The descriptions of Poe being a really good horror writer or maybe the best horror writer, are just very abstract, space filling sentences that are unnecessary. Finally, the last remark regarding Stephen King is totally irrelevant to the essay and its point.I hope I don't sound too harsh and if this is offensive then I truly apologize. I am trying to be honest. Thanks for reading my comment
    • 27/10/2003
    • 16:55:02
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  • My comment

    Basically, this essay is decent. The work is not thoroughly explained or analyzed, but there are some great insights here and there. Essentially, this essay can help as a starting point for an analysis. The end of the essay was the most promising part! Good luck!
    • 12/10/2003
    • 16:13:10
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  • Check it out!

    I liked this essay especially since the first half helped me so much. I really needed to see what others though of Donne's sonnet #10. Thanks much and gret job!
    • 16/09/2003
    • 11:39:38
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  • Great job!

    This essay is good, and I really found the analysis to be in-depth especially since it went through each quatrain. Thanks, it was helpful!
    • 16/09/2003
    • 11:37:45
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  • My rating explained

    I thought that this essay, overall, was pretty good. However, the spelling and gramatical errors are too numerous to give it a really good rating, and it is also very repetitive. Thanks!
    • 16/09/2003
    • 11:34:51
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