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  • not a qualified essay

    When I first saw the title "Criminal Athletes" the very first name that came into my mind way Mike Tyson of course but theres not even a little information about the most Criminal Athlete of all! this essay is only about a few local football players, thats all. And also a reader looks for some social facts in this type of essays but I couldnt get that either.
    • 25/03/2002
    • 15:30:53
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  • lizard king's review

    Actually I could not understand what your essay was about. Is it about the punk minority and their problem or about facism? And also I dont see a connection between facism and the punks. I must admit that starting with anti-facist punk song lyrics is a smart idea but it shouldn't be your main point. And there should be some information about couses of facism. By the way CUBA is not a facist country besides now CUBA is the only communist country after the falling down of USSR. I would give this essay 5 over 10.
    • 19/03/2002
    • 12:51:28
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