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  • The House of the Seven Gables

    This was an excellent summary of the book and gave good detail about both the characters and the plot.
    • 16/07/2002
    • 22:07:57
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  • The Color Purple

    Allthough I feel that this review could have provided more detail, it gave a good 'general' overview of the book. It did help me understand some of the basic points of the book.
    • 16/07/2002
    • 21:32:52
    • Score: 10 out of 14 people found this comment useful.
  • Terrible Views

    You can not compare Hitler's killing of the Jews to abortion. I don't doubt that it is being done but how many people are getting abortions because they wanted a boy instead of a girl or vice versa? You should have added that fact to your paper. In addition, on the topic of aborting fetuses that have known complications you couldn't come up with any good reasons why abortion shouldn't be used except for the fact that "God will not have giving that child to them if He knew the parents could not handle the child." That is ridiculous. If a parent realizes that they are going to have a severely complicated child, who in most cases dies on average by age 14, then it is the mother's and fathers choice to abort the child. I for one believe that they are better off aborting the child. By aborting the child they save the hurt of seeing their disabled child die and save the ten to twenty years of providing twenty-four hour care for the child. Also, the disabled child would be putting a strain on society. The child would need constant care, would need special education which in most cases is worthless, and many disabled children when placed in a school setting can be violent toward other children. I'm not saying that all disabled children should be aborted but sever cases that are known before hand should be if the parents decide to do so.
    • 13/04/2002
    • 20:19:05
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