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  • What about aliens and immigrants?

    What about those who immigrate to America with no knowledge of the English language? Are they to go back to school and study? Many come to make a better living for their family, so they come to work. They can't obtain a diploma or an equivalent just to drive. There are many responsible drivers who did not graduate. I understand if they enforce a stricter driver's ed. program, but not require a high school education or equivalent.
    • 30/11/2004
    • 17:33:34
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  • Good job..

    Should have emphasized more on the Constitutional Convention and Framers.. otherwise, well written!
    • 05/11/2004
    • 18:45:24
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  • Wow huh..

    interesting experiment
    • 11/05/2004
    • 20:50:00
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  • Good one.

    Good essay. A lot of supporting evidences of your viewpoint.
    • 11/01/2004
    • 14:13:16
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