An account of john donnes relationship with the sun and his love in the poem The sun is rising

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There is evidence in the poem that the poet John Donne has strong feelings towards both the Sun and his lover.

"But that I would not lose her sight so long. If her eyes have not blinded thine". This evidential quote show that he is so in love with this woman that he could not bare to lose sight of her for the slightest second. This woman's eyes are so beautiful radiant and bright that looking in to her eyes has blinded the suns light from his view.

"Whether both the' India's of space and myne" In this quote John Donne compares the beauty of his lover to the beautiful landscape of India. At the time India was new to England and the spices and materials such as cashmere were thought of as luxury new and exotic like his woman

"She' is all states, and all prince, I," In this quote the poet compare the woman to all the states to symbolize that she means and physically is everything to him.

He then goes on to compare himself to the princes that rule over those states stating that he is everything to her as well

"This bed thy center is, these walls, thy spheare." This statement makes it very clear to the reader that there whole lives including their love relationship revolves around their bed and bedroom like the earth revolves around the sun. The walls are called the spheare which can be interpreted as his boundaries.

"Busie old foole, unruly sun" Readers of this poem get the view that the poet views the sun as a busy body and personifies it as and old man who can't quite keep his nose out of other peoples business this is emphasized by this quote "rags of time" which gives us the...