An Analysis of the Elements of Horror in "Hush"

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Buffy Summers is a fictional character in the U.S. TV series "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". She is "The Chosen One". Buffy lives in a small town in the U.S.A. called Sunnydale. Buffy shares a dormitory with her best friend, Willow, who is a witch. Giles is Buffy's 'watcher'. He trained Buffy when she first became the Slayer, and now guides her when she has decisions to make. Xander is one of Buffy's friends, he is really quite a comical character because he is quick witted and sarcastic. His girlfriend is called Anya, an ex-demon who is 1,000 years old. Riley is Buffy's 'love interest'. He works in a secret organisation called, 'The Initiative'. He doesn't know that Buffy is the Slayer, and Buffy doesn't know that Riley works for 'The Initiative'. Spike is an English Vampire. 'The Initiative' have put a special micro-chip into Spikes head to stop him harming humans.

He has a different type of sarcastic tendency to his character than Xander and Anya, because he has an English accent. This is the first and only appearance of Olivia, Giles' lady friend and also Tara's first appearance. Tara is in Willow's Wicca group and is a genuine witch.

I am analysing the Elements of Horror in "Hush". In this episode, Sunnydale gets overrun with 'fairytale' monsters called 'The Gentlemen'. They come to the town to try and steal the hearts of seven people, but before this happens, they steal all of the voices and put them into a box.

"Can't even shout,

Can't even cry,

The Gentlemen

Are coming by.

Looking in windows,

Knocking on doors,

They need to take seven

And they might take yours!"

These are some of the words from a lullaby that Buffy hears in a dream.

The elements of horror in...