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What do you think of apple's strategy?

If we see the other company business strategy say for Microsoft is focused on market share, Samsung is focused on market share. BlackBerry is focused on market share and trying to survive. Read any coverage of the product is 'War' and the key metric is market share. Apple is measuring itself another way …. Margins.

They can create segmentation on making loyal customers, target to capture that and finally they becoming a position on luxury brand in global market places. Apple releases few but highly anticipated high-end products while Samsung and other company get inundates the market with a wide variety of products. In order to understand Apple's litigation strategy and the effects on the marketplace, it is paramount the overall business strategies for each respective company are explained and understood.

The innovative idea,

Investment a lot on R&D sector

Iconic look of product

Commitment to the consumer

First mover advantages

What would you do next if you were responsible for apple?

Apple notably, utilizes very different business strategies and models within the marketplace.

If we work for apple, we have given something what company actually likes. Apple market is base on us and Europe's country, took the families with the some developing country. So that we can easily beats the rival to get there position. It also helps capture the eye of investor on our company making more profit. We are focus on our raw materials resources, yes man power get offer to our employers get exclusive bonus on team excellent.

Catch-up the world best employers for lead well. We get a natural environment to our employers for getting their best in work place, like they can work out side of office or whether they comfortable to work.

What lessons can other...