Baderman Island

Essay by antisheep November 2008

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Baderman Island is a vacationers dream, beautiful landscaping on the shore of the Kelsey river. The island offers three different hotels to choose from. For the more active, the island offers golf or a leisurely stroll through the immense botanical garden. To help a visitor immerse themselves into the tranquility of the island one can enjoy a relaxing visit to the Oasis Spa. On the surface this appears to be paradise, upon further investigation one can find many small problems Baderman should face if they would like to have a strong return customer base. Disappointment was caused by a faulty transportation system around the island and minor electrical issues. These nuisances absolutely need to be dealt with immediately. Baderman is reviewing the hiring policies and goals for employees, investing in the future of Baderman by investigating new methods in the hiring process. The company will be following the strict guidelines provided by government agencies.

The company will also update the recruitment strategies and attempt to employ the best candidates available.

Hiring Policies and Goals•Follow EEOC guidelines, without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, military status or other categories that are considered protected by federal, state or local law.

•Ensure that the hiring of individuals is based on equal rights and allow for the advancement of employees based on merit, skills, and performance.

•Provide public announcements for open positions within the organization.

•Provide benefits, compensation, training and other employment privileges on an equal opportunity basis.

•Interview all candidates that meet the minimum requirements as posted in the job announcement.

•Allow for internal and or external posting of positions based on business need.

•Evaluate managers and supervisors on their compliance to the hiring policies of the company.

Hiring ProcessHiring Manager is responsible for the constant growth of the...